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FTWDTT 071 – The Key (S6E4)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 071 - The Key (S6E4)

Talking Through The Key

For this episode 71 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, LT, Kyle and Brian talk through The Key. Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4 was written by David Johnson and directed by Ron Underwood. We also discuss a little bit about World Beyond Episode 5 titled The Madman Across the Water. We had some issues this week when trying to record and Kyle couldn’t make it due to work and other issues so everyone recorded their own parts and Kyle edited together so it’s a little different but in the end it worked out fine.


Actually, everything did NOT work out fine. Most of my segments were left out of the recording this week, due to a lack some confusion as far as how many segments I had recorded, although a few of them were read by Kyle. I had recorded a segment for each segment we have in the episode. My rating was 9.4/10, which I believe was one of the things left off. I’ll have to go back and update this after I do.

John Dorie gets pushed to the limits!

In this episode, John Dorie seems to be adjusting to this new Ginny controlled world and top cop of Lawton. That all changes with the murder of another citizen of Lawton and Sherif John is on the case. But we are not in a right vs wrong kind of world and in the end, Ginny is the one who calls the shots. This pushes him to his limits and we see again that there is no justice in the ZA. Morgan is looking for Grace and has Rufus the bloodhound on his side but he gets derailed by those two tagger boys. This does finally clarify that whatever that Key that Morgan has is going to be something important but to whom? Again, Fear the Walking Dead just keeps getting better and better and there is still so much more to come.

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Please leave your feedback! We will be covering Fear The Walking Dead in it’s entirety but if you have feedback about the Spinoff World Beyond we will cover that too, but the main focus will be with Fear! Next time, we’ll cover feedback we get for S6E5 Honey, and then briefly talk through any feedback for The Walking Dead: World Beyond S1E6, titled Shadow Puppets. Back to the normal deadline this week! Get your feedback in by 6 PM Eastern/5 PM Central on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. One of the best ways to submit feedback is on our Facebook group. You can also send us an email at our new email: or call our new voicemail at 216-232-6146.

Ratings are down

Ratings for S6E4 The Key were down from the last episode, S6E3 Alaska. This week, Fear was able to get a 0.31 in the 18-49 demographic, with 1.276 million viewers, down from 0.39 and 1.501 million viewers. World Beyond S1E5 Madman Across the Water got a 0.18 in the 18-49 demographic with 742,000 thousand viewers, down from 0.28 and 1.020 million viewers last week. These ratings represent an all-time low for both shows.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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3 comments on “FTWDTT 071 – The Key (S6E4)

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m going to do a quick review because I missed feedback this week…

    •Rating: 8 on the whole but I can understand arguments for a bit higher.

    There were some things I wish they had fleshed out more and I feel Morgan killing the painters just drags that out and I’m ready for some answers there, but on the whole this was an 8 quality episode I feel. Again I am LOVING the cinematography this season!

    •I don’t understand why this episode was an extra 15 minutes long; it felt like a standard episode as no one big died nor did John turn on the team to be a ranger for Ginny.

    Was this just to shove in more Morgan time? The dog is cute but again I really could have done without his content this episode because it did nothing for the character or season. Was the extra 15 to show “Talking Dead” because why do that for this episode when you haven’t any of the others? As much as I hate Morgan on this series if you didn’t do a TD for the premiere why would you air one now? This isn’t even the mid season finale to warrant one.

    •Why was the junky tooth so important?

    This is part of why I marked down this episode. Are we to believe John is going to die later from a cavity because they don’t have medicines and hospitals like they use to? I’m sure June can cook up something for him! I get having shifty eyes because he can’t look himself in the mirror anymore because he couldn’t save Janis, but I don’t get the tooth thing.

    Some blog post comments…

    “Morgan is looking for Grace and has Rufus the bloodhound on his side but he gets derailed by those two tagger boys.” – Rufus was the best part of all those scenes. Again I am over them forcing in Morgan content; as Deeda said last time Alicia is an original lead and when is the last time we saw her? That man can afford to sit out some episodes especially as his content does nothing to move the story forward; in fact this week he set it back by not even getting the taggers names so we could set that plot up more. We’re half way done people we could use a name on that group and why they want the key!

    On to the podcast…

    I truly apologize Brian for faulting you for Kyle’s horrific, arguably unforgivable, mistake regarding not playing the Sheri theme song. Do better Kyle! 😡😉 LT’s version is cannon now!

    I don’t miss Nick I’ll admit, but yes I am a proud Morgan Jones on Fear passionate disliker! 😁

    It’s kind of hilarious how when you look up info on the series while in the guide of the TV it says Alycia first yet again when is the last time we saw her for more than one episode? Deeda hit the nail on the head in regards to that needing to be addressed because right now guest characters are getting more to do than a main character and that’s just weird.

    I could have understood a 9 for this episode LT, but they ended the episode with more questions than answers for me and I didn’t like that. Why did Janis agree to the deal exactly? Again why did no one kill Ginny why they were alone with her in the jail room? Who was Ginny covering for as Janis suggested? What was with the whole tooth thing?! Also they wasted time with Morgan so the best I could end up with for this was an 8 personally. 🙂

    “Walker Texas Ranger” lol good one Glennis. I see she’s on the puns today with the whole “even though that one guy spilled his guts”. Ha.

    The kills this season have been good, walker or human.

    It was in true Ginny fashion to say she hated how the guy in her first town killed someone and then use that exact same method to kill Janis; Ginny is a good bad guy I feel but this episode really did make me feel like I was looking behind the curtain as it were because she’s only still alive for drama. John said he didn’t care what happened to him so why he didn’t shot her the first chance he got makes no sense. Why Strand and John together didn’t off her in the jail made no sense; why Daniel didn’t stab her in the neck during that haircut makes no sense. Yes again it would cost them there lives and maybe some of their friends in that settlement but if you look there’s often more people than rangers and the rangers still need time to run to the armory to grab the guns to try and control people if they aren’t already armed so arguably a town could take them and how many are really going to stick to Ginny’s vision once she’s gone. I enjoy her but again it feels like she’s alive just for drama at this point because they had at least two chances to take her out this episode and didn’t.

    The line you’re looking for Kyle went something like Ginny saying “It’s good for people to feel safe.” and John replying “Yeah. I agree with that, but actually making them safe well that’s the better thing don’t you think?” so it was like her wanting the illusion of safety and him actually wanting safety because he was buying into the situation pre Janis dying.

    The June/John reunion was a slap into the face so more sad than awe. 🙁

    A Ginny backstory episode could be good for a mid season finale before the group reunited to take her down. I think at this point doing a backstory episode for her would signal her coming end so maybe they don’t want to do that and tip any hats? She definitely rules through fear and manipulation because again otherwise you think someone would have taken her out by now.

    As for Dakota I don’t think she killed Cameron because why would she, unless he caught her sneaking out. It could be an interesting twist if Dakota was really part of Ginny’s tests and she only seemed to be helping our people and saying she wanted to be free of her sister but we’ll see if they go there with the plot or if they kept her an innocent as it were. I just hope they don’t rob John or another main (not Morgan) of killing her by having Dakota do it because that would feel a little anti climactic; ooh fitting of Ginny making deals which usually go bad for people, what if Dakota helps the group trade Ginny over to the helicopter group so she’s gone and Dakota is involved but not the sole one responsible? That could tie a lot of plots together and be worthy of an end for Ginny beyond simply killing her. It could also be what leads the group into the next phase with the helicopter unit’s world!

    Wouldn’t a nuclear blast just mutate the zombies and make them even more deadly potentially not to mention the fallout cloud? It doesn’t seem like a smart weapon to use in their situations unless your a team with a bunker and a stockpile which maybe the helicopter crew has but the taggers didn’t seem like part of that unit so them wanting it doesn’t fit. Again we’re like 5 episodes in can we get a name for this new group by now?! Maybe that’s the ones in masks we see next week because that plot is moving way too slow for me.

    It was a different podcast episode for sure but you three made it work. 🙂

  2. Brian Meloche says:

    FYI, Aaron, due to a communication breakdown between Kyle and me, a bunch of my content was left off the podcast this week. I recorded segments for every section of the podcast. We will be leading the podcast off next week with everything I was robbed of saying. 🙂 First Oh Sherrie, and now this!

    1. Aaron says:

      *Sigh* Kyle. *shakes head*

      Well he’s not getting a promotion key this week that’s for sure! Can you revoke keys if someone has one already? We may need to do that; for the “Oh Sherri” goof alone we need to send him to the syrup zombie farm for retraining.

      Ha. I still love you Kyle, but could resist the tease. 🙂

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