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The Star Trek: Discovery Podcast is an in-depth discussion about Star Trek: Discovery, shown weekly on CBS All Access in the U.S., Space in Canada and Netflix everywhere else. We're Brian Meloche and Ruthie Rink, two long-time Star Trek fans, and each episode we analyze the story, characters, and the show’s placement in the Star Trek universe. Our listeners are very important to us, and your feedback is an essential part of this podcast. Thanks for listening!

STDP 056 – Terra Firma, Part 1 (S3E9)

The Star Trek Discovery Podcast
Star Trek Discovery Podcast, featuring Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds
STDP 056 - Terra Firma, Part 1 (S3E9)

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3 Episode 9 – Terra Firma, Part 1

We’re back!!! On this supersized episode, Ruthie and Brian talk through Star Trek: Discovery, Season 3 Episode 9, titled Terra Firma, Part 1. This episode’s teleplay was written by Alan McElroy, with the story by Bo Yeon Kim & Erika Lippoldt & Alan McElroy, and it was directed by Omar Madha.

Sorry about the lateness this episode is in getting to you. Unfortunately, I had to work over the weekend and later into the week, so my editing time was compromised. That said, I got this episode released (mistitled, but I’ve since fixed it) on our YouTube Channel. Remember to smash that Subscribe button and ring the notification bell to get notified as soon as new episodes come out!

For the final four episodes, we are switching to a Saturday morning recording schedule due to the holiday season. Because of that, we are extending the deadlines to Saturday morning. That may mean that the episodes may come out later than normal as well because we are switching to a Saturday morning recording schedule for the rest of the season. Keep this in mind, especially for you European listeners. You have an extra 11 hours to get in your feedback to us!


If you haven’t seen this episode of Star Trek: Discovery, stop right now!!! Go watch it, then come back!!! We’ll be here for you!

Shocked! Shocked I say!!!

Georgiou’s condition worsens and the Discovery computer sends them to a distant planet for a remote chance for a cure. What happens there may surprise you. May surprise you??? I was DUMBFOUNDED!!! For the first time in more than 200 episodes of podcasting, I could not rate this episode!!! It was SO out of left field for me. I did not expect them to go to the Mirror Universe, though, in retrospect, I should have. Opinions were many and spirited for this episode. After re-watching it more than once (I only got to watch it once this week prior to recording), I can tell you that I appreciated the episode a LOT more after the shock of it wore off, but you’ll hear me talk about that a lot this week. All in all, I knew it was (mostly) a great episode this week, but I had so many questions about it, I had to defer my rating. Ruthie also had a lot of questions, but she gave it a rating. Going to the Mirror Universe now seems like it’s a natural thing to do, given Georgiou’s condition, but we questioned its place in the season, and it taking away from the main plot. Next week, I’ll bring something up about how it seems like a back door pilot and only placed here because they decided to bring Michelle Yeoh and Georgiou into Season 3.


00:00:00 STDP 056 – Terra Firma, Part 1 (Star Trek: Discovery S3E9)
00:00:17 Intro
00:01:58 Feedback for Previous Episodes
00:12:28 About Terra Firma, Part 1
00:14:19 Ratings
00:27:47 Yeses
01:02:11 Nos
01:13:46 Hold Your Horses
01:54:47 Listener Feedback
02:22:42 Our Notes
02:31:44 Shipwide Announcements
02:41:42 Wrap Up

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