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FTWDTT 095 – Sonny Boy (S7E12)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 095 - Sonny Boy (S7E12)

Talking Through Sonny Boy!

For this episode 95 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle and LT, and Brian talk through Season 7 Episode 12 of Fear the Walking Dead titled Sonny Boy, which was written by Justin Boyd & Jacob Pinion and directed by Ron Underwood. Dorie Sr searches for baby Mo as Strand grows increasingly paranoid.

Defenestration is the name of the game!

Man where the citizens of The Tower dropping like flies this week. Strand sure loves a good body chuck off the roof of his glorious tower that if he keeps this up there will be nobody else left! So there were some power grabs this week between toadie Howard and John Sr that starts with a search for missing baby Mo and ends with neither of them being a winner. Wes fills the void and we still don’t understand what his motives are, and June, Wendel and Grace (oh, and Charlie but she’s sitting by death’s doorstep) are now in a predicament as Strand trusts no one at this point and our people want to take him down.

Enjoy as Kyle, LT, and Brian discuss Fear the Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 12, titled Sonny Boy.


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00:05:54 Episode Discussion
00:06:18 Ratings
00:09:54 Awesome Sauce
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00:47:34 What Sauce
01:01:37 Oh Hell No
01:09:24 Sad Sauce
01:21:14 Feedback
01:33:36 News, Ratings and Info
01:37:53 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were steady for Sonny Boy.

Ratings for S7E12 Sonny Boy are about the same this week! Sonny Boy got a 0.14 in the 18-49 demographic, with 717,000 thousand viewers, the same from episode S7E11 Ofelia, which got a 0.14 in the 18-49 demographic, with 743,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead will not be back until the Season 7 Finale of Fear.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 095 – Sonny Boy (S7E12)

  1. Aaron says:

    Bad writing is what this show does Mike. 🙁

    I definitely questioned the tubberwear container move Brian; as you said 1) it doesn’t give Mo a lot of breath space if that’s where she’s kept for a long time and 2) it doesn’t muffle her cries that much so of anything they’re putting her in danger too with that move!

    Given all the talk of wanting Mo to be his legacy, I wouldn’t be surprised if in Strand’s last episode (because he has to die now this season – it makes no sense why someone other than Madison would keep him alive and she’d only do it for prolonged torture) we see a future where adult Mo/at least teenaged Mo is running the tower with an iron fist like he wanted and then we cut back to reality and he’s either in a fight now losing that future or it’s what he’s seeing as he dies and it’s all fading away.

    I TOTALLY agree Kyle, why would you knock Victor out realistically if this was you’re one chance to get rid of him? Yeah we know they have to keep Coleman around for a little bit longer at least so he can’t shoot but realistically he should have because even if he’s shot afterwards he still took out Strand. It just made John look dumb.

    Madison is never a problem. 🙂

    Nick in season 3 was our last major character death because Madison isn’t dead so season four wasn’t the last one. Ha

    Madison COULD bring Strand back from evil some if he doesn’t kill Alicia because if he kills her or is any way connected to her death Madison will kill him. Again even if she acts friendly her end goal is his death. I don’t see how they can save him this year though and him continue on for long afterwards given how no one trusts him and his killed everyone this year so there’s really no one left to help him now unless Alicia has a sudden change of heart which with how inconsistent they write her she could – ugh as Kyle says “we’ll see”! I look for both Coleman and Alycia to be out soon no matter what happens – her because they’ve treated Alicia poorly over the last 3 seasons and him because all his buddies BTS are gone now essentially.

    “I thought it was sad Howard believed his family was still out there alive. That was pretty naive – agreed Brian.

    These writers care? You’re funny LT. Lol They’re last “trying” was with Virginia and the rangers – since then they haven’t done jack.

    “They flew away just like the ratings” – 👏and lol to Brian.

    The podcast is the best part of the series and easily has been for at least 3 years for sure now. 🙂

    Sometimes series hardcore earn their “sh*t on it” recaps Brian! As a fan you hope it will walk the writers up but it rarely happens so it either continues to be sh*t and you stop watching or it’s sh*t and you suffer though because it’s going to be cancelled soon and you’ve already given it 5 years of your life so what’s a few more months to say you watched it all so yes you can fairly sh*t on it with expertise now ha; you’re not just hitting and quitting sh*tting on it. 🙂

    For favorite seasons so far I’d definitely say season 3 is up there Kyle. My top 3 would be 3, 1, and 6. I liked Ginny too. 🙂

    55 became the highest group Brian because the 18-24 year olds turned over 55 by the time these series ended, lol. I can’t speak for the main show but while actually short on seasons (8 is a low number for me as I still remember the days of 10-15 years for a series…back when 22-24 episodes a season was a thing) this series has had half its time feeling like a slog fest to get through so it feels like 30 years since good content and now here we are aged up. Ha.

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