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FTWDTT 091 – Padre (S7E8)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 091 - Padre (S7E8)

Talking Through Padre

For this episode 91 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Brian, Kyle, and LT talk through the mid-season finale of Season 7 Episode 8 of Fear the Walking Dead titled Padre, which was written by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss directed by Michael E. Satrazemis. We also discuss the series finale of The World Beyond Season 2 Episode 10, The Last Light.

Padre, Padre, Padre!

So LT figured out what P.A.D.R.E. stands for. People Are Dying Run East. Well, it’s better than nothing since all we got was that Padre was, thank goodness, not Padre Island. These writers need to be more creative, in our opinion. Well, this mid-season finale didn’t give us much, a few shockers, and some TWDU questionable situations. The zombie virus has always acted a certain way so one character’s situation doesn’t seem to fit in. So I guess we will have to see how the back half takes this on.

We have Strand and Alicia finally have the long-awaited meet and greet and it doesn’t turn out great. It’s All-Out-War, so to speak and now with Senator Walker not showing Alicia where Padre is and the revelations by Strand that he killed Will, dramatic explosions are certainly in our future. Morgan was there, as well, and he’s just there trying to help Alicia realize the options for her and her people so one can guess that in the back half he will play a bigger part to either find a resolution that doesn’t kill everyone, or he will take sides. Good or Bad, he’s the lead character for the showrunners so you know he has a part in all the drama that will unfold.

And we got some news about the return of ‘you’re not gone until you’re gone’ Madison Clark. Whether we see her in the back half of season 7 or if this is a development of Season 8, we shall see.

World Beyond, again, was much better than Fear this week and now that it’s over we were left with some interesting tidbits about the CRM but it still fell flat. We know the movies are still coming, or we think they are so it’s likely we will see some of our crew in the future. I just hope we get more CRM storyline in the months and years ahead because there was so much more they could have done with the 20 episodes of World Beyond that would have made the entirety of the series that much better.

Also of note that we discussed at the end of the podcast LT’s guest appearance on the Computer Resume Podcast. It has been released and you can check it out here! He talks Cast as Crew: II Enterprise S2 Ep 21 & 22 – The Breach & Cogenitor with host Todd A. Davis. So go check it out.

So without any more delay (and thank you to everyone for their patience and condolences to Kyle) join Brian, LT, and Kyle as they discuss the mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead, Padre, and The Series Finale of The Walking Dead World Beyond, The Last Light. See you in February when The Walking Dead Season 11 – part 2 returns!


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01:11:24 What Sauce
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01:42:33 Feedback
02:10:15 World Beyond Feedback
02:56:53 News, Ratings and Info
03:05:33 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were down for both the Mid-Season Finale of Fear and the Series Finale of World Beyond.

Ratings for S7E8 Padre are down this week! Padre got a 0.15 in the 18-49 demographic, with 837,000 thousand viewers, down from the S7E7 The Portrait, which got a 0.18 in the 18-49 demographic, with 940,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead got a 0.05 in the 18-49 demographic, with 271,000 viewers. It was up and I’m sure that was because of the announcement they said they were making, but it still wasn’t a big jump. World Beyond S2E10 got a 0.07 with 428,000 thousand viewers which were down from S2E9 with 0.11 and 539,000 thousand viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 091 – Padre (S7E8)

  1. Aaron says:

    Sorry to hear about your sadness Kyle.

    I submit to you Renee instead of Al/Isabel we do Al/Alicia…I’m just saying apocalyptic power couple! 🙂

    “No COVID for the LT” – yay. 🙂

    “Are you the Gatekeeper?” – lol LT.

    Ha to LT doing the “The Bird Is The Word” bit.

    You know you can probably get Gas X at Bill’s…it is the best stocked store in the apocalypse. 😉

    Again Alicia only lives because they need the ratings she brings in otherwise she would be dust. They’ll magic up some way to keep her going before Alycia says she’s out but again I don’t have faith in the character to be the same given what happens in this episode. They’ve just burned me too much and not even Madison return can help make it better because I just worry they’ll have her following Morgan too even though she never would and has no reason too and it’s all just going to suck. 🙁

    “We like to see the OGs together” – FACTS Kyle; ONLY FACTS!!!

    I agree Brian, sadly Alicia was a whiney little b*tch in the tunnel and that’s not Alicia Clark at this point; maybe season one Alicia but not season 7 Alicia. 🙁

    😐 Don’t ruin our relationship LT, we have a decent thing going here; you can’t give me that claustrophobia line with Alicia as she hasn’t show that to be a character trait consistently enough to be real. They had her be out of character just so the bite could happen because “drama”. Don’t try and give the writers credit they don’t deserve; I told you no curves!

    Lol to Brian talking about Santa “They’re not going to shoot him down with a cruise missile!” 😂

    Giving an original character someone else’s storyline because you didn’t write to them originally…this is why I say they’re disrespectful to the originals. First they write out Madison for no reason, then they limit the originals screen time with the exception of Strand, and now Alicia is out of character…that’s not a good progression writers! It’s no wonder they’re brining Madison back, they’re crashing and crashing hard with these dumb and easily to avoid but they still make them decisions; I hope Kim got the largest check she could because she deserves it for how she was treated and for what she’ll have to deal with coming back to this insanity!

    Oh I think Alicia will stick around until Alycia can’t take it anymore because the show wants the rating she brings, but again Brian I worry what Alicia will we get – will it be Alicia Clark bad*ss extraordinaire that we know she should be or Alicia Morgan’s Lackey now? I’m not here for lackey as that’s still the death of Alicia Clark just not physically. It’s why I can’t enjoy the news of Madison coming back really, is it going to be Madison Clark the woman who doesn’t listen to anyone but herself and who does ambiguity the best ever seen on TV or will she too just be “Yes Mr. Jones; you’re so smart Morgan you lead us even though I don’t know you enough to trust you and I would never be this way with anyone in the same situation but you’re special” because I’m not here for option B; I don’t trust these writers anymore.

    They’re brining Madison back Renee because they need the ratings she can bring, ha.

    Madison, in character, would not put up with a forth of the sh*t Morgan has brought upon this series much less half so again I ask is she going to be in character when she returns because if so the writing game is going to have to up their standards or is she going to be just another “Yes Mr. Jones” former bad*ss who follows him around like a puppy for no reason given their history until they’re done with her and write her out again? Ugh and please don’t tell me they’re going to have Madison come in just to kill off Victor by her hand and then we do a repeat of Madison versus Morgan for leadership! 🙄 That’s dumb so that’s probably what they’ll do. 🙁 Again this should be GREAT news but it’s got such reserve to it now you can’t enjoy it like you should be. I don’t see how you can have Madison be in character unless she’s going to con Morgan and get the show back and have Morgan still there unless he finally gets in the second place line he always should have been in (he shouldn’t have been on the show to start with but that’s a conversation in and of itself) and I don’t know if that’ll happen given Gimple’s love for him so all I can see is another battle and it ending with the Clarks all gone in one way or another unless you get Gimple out of course or get back Dave Erickson and he tells Gimple to shut it and let him save the series the best he can now and Gimple oddly finally listens to that advice. I want good things but I’m not holding my breath for them given how much the series has burned original characters so far at this point. Daniel is basically non-existent, Strand is unredeemable essentially unless you dismiss logic which they are good at so, and Alicia is not Alicia right now so yeah why would I trust them to do Madison right and true at this point; they know they need the actors’ faces for ratings and so they’re killing the last original bits off via out of character content and it sucks.

    Madison Clark is a way better leader than Morgan Jones so I would love to see her back at the helm of the series but I don’t think it will happen tragically Kyle. 🙁

    “Maybe they’ll just give the show back to her. Like ‘Here you go, sorry we screwed up so bad. Here, have your show back!'” – oh Kyle that was the dream! Gimple is still there so I feel it’s still more dream than a reality and really I’m just hoping she’s in character now and doesn’t come back as another lackey because that really would have me leaving…it’s bad enough they’ve got Alicia essentially dead right now being out of character, if Madison too came back and kissed the Morgan Jones ground and turned to him for everything…I couldn’t do it I’ll be honest and that’s sad given how good this show was with her at the lead. Love Madison or not as a person you have to admit the series was its best when she was there and Dave was the creative force; the series has been on a nose dive since Morgan Jones came over and it will continue that way as long as they cater to him instead of keeping the characters we love here actually in character.

    I’m telling you Glennis Alicia would have so much better luck with Al! 🙂

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