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FTWDTT 089 – Reclamation (S7E6)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 089 - Reclamation (S7E6)

Talking Through Reclamation

For this episode 89 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle and LT talk through Season 7 Episode 6 of Fear the Walking Dead, titled Reclamation, which was written by Alex Delyle and Calaya Michelle Stallworth directed by Bille Woodruff. We also discuss The World Beyond Season 2 Episode 8, Returning Point.

Al and Morgan get into trouble but this episode does have a happy ending!

Brian was unable to join us this week but he will be back, so not to worry. This week we get a decent episode with Al and Morgan running away from the CRM. While finally seeing Al alive and well we were disappointed that we got literally nothing more about the CRM that we were hoping for. I don’t know what the showrunners are doing but we need more. This would have been the perfect episode to give us that info but it just fell flat. But, we do get a happy ending for Al and Isabelle but will we see them again? That we do not know and if we do it’s probably not going to be good knowing that the CRM on right on their trail.

We want to wish everyone of our listeners a Happy Thanksgiving and an even better weekend and stay safe and see you next week.

So enjoy as we discuss the Season 7 Episode 6 of Fear The Walking Dead, Reclamation.


00:00:00 Intro
00:01:22 Before Episode Discussion
00:07:06 Episode Discussion
00:07:32 Ratings
00:09:07 Awesome Sauce
00:17:25 Weak Sauce
00:40:30 What Sauce
00:53:35 Sad Sauce
00:59:26 Feedback
01:23:04 World Beyond Feedback
01:49:11 News, Ratings and Info
01:51:56 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were steady for Fear and down for World Beyond.

Ratings for S7E6 Reclamation are steady this week! Reclamation got a 0.16 in the 18-49 demographic, with 880,000 thousand viewers, down from the S7E5 Till Death, which got a 0.16 in the 18-49 demographic, with 931,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead was not on and will most likely not be back until the finale. World Beyond S2E8 got a 0.08 with 527,000 thousand viewers but down in ratings from S2E7 with 0.09 and 490,000 thousand viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 089 – Reclamation (S7E6)

  1. Aaron says:

    I enjoy the photo for this week; I’m going to miss Al! I know she can return when they need but on the whole you know she’ll be out for awhile which is just one less thing to keep me watching this show. If not for Strand I would skip this until I heard Alicia is back.

    Happy belated 🦃 day!

    Again there’s no proof Strand ordered the kid killed, as one of the hosts said last week (apologizes as I can’t remember who exactly said it) he could have ordered them captured and then the henchmen killed them because of anger at Dwight. Would Strand order someone killed? Yes. Did he do those exact people…we don’t know because we didn’t see it.

    You’re talking about Wes painting the dude LT.

    “So far…for the time being” 😂.

    This really was a good wrap up episode; it’s easily the best of the season so far but I only rated it as okay because while there was good in here the continued lack of use for the CRM is annoying and again why have them in stuff if you aren’t going to develop them? They become less of a buggie man when you do that so by the time the movie comes out and you’re like ‘see they’re evil’ writers all we can be is bitter we didn’t see more sooner so they lose their impact. So yeah the lack of development there knocked this down for me, but per usual Al’s stuff was good – she always did good episodes. I’m also going to assume the cut backs to her on film were her version of “behind the mask” shot because my goodness do they love mask shots this year (yawn).

    “OH we’ll talk about that in a minute!” – LT’s going to fact/logic rant! 😁

    “They were making Stormtroopers look like Olympic grade snipers” LOL!

    My thing was how did they not see Al before she slid under the truck because that is wide open space she’s in so she shouldn’t have been able to hide; also how did they not find Morgan who’s on top apparently given he got the drop on Al after that? Morgan has plot armor which you can’t beat – he would have been dead long ago on this show if they factored in realism; like there’s some grace you can give like maybe the first guy here doesn’t kill him but the second guy would have shot him. Also he would have died long ago given his infection from whatever season that was, they all run together now because his stuff is so one note, but no he’s still here because showrunner pet. You bought a really pretty cloth belt LT, ha. 100% LT is on watch lists. 🙂

    At a point this podcast is going to have to make “Bill’s: The Best Stocked Store In the Apocalypse!” shirts to sell. 🙂

    Al’s camera cuts worked way better than the mask shots everyone else has each week!

    Lol to Private Shmuckatelli; LT is cooking this week. 🙂 I don’t watch the kid show, but I would venture to guess they’ve done more on the CRM front than we have.

    Al would make a great couple with Alicia Emma I’m just saying. 🙂

    Ha to Deeta basically saying they need a BABY ON BOARD sticker for the car; also VERY fair to ask where is the group after we just saw Al with the Daniel, Sarah, and Luciana!


    “yellow submarine” – well done Glennis. 🙂

    “Oh cabin” lol Kyle.

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