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FTWDTT 087 – Breathe with Me (S7E4)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 087 - Breathe with Me (S7E4)

Talking Through Breathe with Me

For this episode 87 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle, Brian, and LT talk through Season 7 Episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead, titled Breathe with Me, which was written by Nazrin Choudhury and David Johnson directed by Tara Nicole Weyr. We also discuss The World Beyond Season 2 Episode 6, Who Are You?.

Sarah wakes up and goes looking for her twin

This was an okay episode in that we got some more character development out of Sarah and possible addition to the show with the bounty hunter’s twin brother, but that was about it. There was just so much going on with us seeing that the helicopter possie was okay but the show only gave us like a ‘blink and you miss it’ reunion. Victor is still out there playing the commander of the Strandians and it looks like he has more of our people in his tower. Also, we still have this unknown group out there but who are they? What do they want? Who are they against? What’s with stripping the walkers and then dispersing them about. So many questions and zero answers. Just that they are going to be a threat, but for whom. Victor? Our group?

Again we got great feedback (and a lot of it) from you listeners so keep that up. We like to hear from you and this helps drive our discussion of the episode.

World Beyond was again all over the place. We see that the CRM has some WMD and that they used it against Omaha. But again, for what reason? Jadis revealed that her plan to give Rick over to the CRM was her plan that whole time in TWD. She was creating theatre with the Trash People and that this was all just normal. I beg to differ because that is not what we saw when we were introduced to them on the main show. This show has so little time left and it doesn’t look good.

So enjoy as we discuss the twins focused Season 7 Episode 4 of Fear The Walking Dead.


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00:23:30 Ratings
00:24:49 Awesome Sauce
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00:46:34 What Sauce
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01:17:47 Feedback
01:52:03 World Beyond Feedback
02:34:03 News, Ratings and Info
02:36:47 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were down for Fear and a little bump for World Beyond.

Ratings for S7E4 Breathe with Me are down! Breathe with Me got a 0.15 in the 18-49 demographic, with 733,000 thousand viewers, down from the S7E3 Cindy Hawkins, which got a 0.18 in the 18-49 demographic and 871,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead was not on and will most likely not be back until the finale. World Beyond S2E6 got a 0.10 with 431,000 thousand viewers up a little in ratings but down in viewers from S2E5 with 0.09 and 510,000 viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 087 – Breathe with Me (S7E4)

  1. Aaron says:

    I feel like LT is on at least one, or multiple, watch list(s) with his knowledge. 🙂

    That’s a fair thing to argue Renee in regards to Morgan – it’s not the character but the writing. That said you know him from TWD and how he can be a good character where as I only know him on FEAR and in FEAR he SUCKS! As you yourself said he waffles so much and that gets tiring because while you may hate a Strand at least Strand is consistent and doesn’t debate his choices every second; like I could take come contemplating from Morgan if it was like max twice a season but he does it every episode. Also again they did not endear him to me with how they introduced him – he comes in and a character I did love (Madison) dies and another I enjoy (Alicia) gets no screen time even though he’s the guest here and she’s the original character so I don’t like that at all! Also you have characters acting like he can lead them because…why they don’t know this guy, why is he the new default group leader when again Alicia is right there! You also have the fact Morgan survived sepsis essentially for a month in this environment and anytime he does anything he magically finds what he needs to survive or have the group love him and it just makes him feel so babied and like a showrunner pet and that’s annoying; they have mishandled him at every turn I feel and so yes there is no reason I would enjoy Morgan Jones on this series and I do not enjoy Morgan Jones on this series. Ship him back to TWD as fast as you can please and thank you! 🙂

    I will agree with you Renee on the fact June isn’t the best; for me what keeps June interesting is that she’s a nurse in this world and so how can people use her skills to survive. Also she will backstab people to get what she wants and she’s not sorry about it so that’s interesting at times but yes June is kind of meh to me in character rankings and she’s only so intriguing because of her skills. She could be a good villain/anti-villain if they wanted but John Dorie Jr kind of shut that down for awhile and I think as long as she’s with a Dorie we’ll see “good guy” June on the series until they take her out because again how she’s lasted this long I don’t know as this season isn’t into happiness and a nurse could help you live longer which would make you happy so I’m just waiting for them each week to take her out because she has such a high value skill which could help this world and again the writers like making it as depressing as they can.

    I think last season they did the duo thing for a cool effect story wise they felt because the group was out doing things, but then COVID caught them and they had to do it for safety and they couldn’t predict COVID to be fair but the fact is the fans have seen this before and it now goes from being a neat story device to feeling like a repeat and not a fun repeat because we’re ready for the group to be back together again especially Alicia with them.

    Brain says “Surry” for ‘sorry’; we’ll get this accent out of you without resorting to ‘eh’ before this seasons is over. Ha!

    Definitely a F*CK YOU to the writers on killing the dog – there’s drama and depression and then there’s that; there was no reason for that except to be hurtful and I straight up changed the channel for 10 minutes after the bite because “NOPE!” to watching that. 😡

    Once again the show sets up a cool bounty hunter and then takes them away in the same episode. Morgan and Sarah got his dog killed he should have killed them both on the spot. And you know he’ll come back again to help them but they’ve diluted that character so much now I won’t care to see him when he does return.

    I’m more impressed that the battery failed to charge than the fact there was a solar charger, I mean if she was calling someone they wanted her to reach that 10 year old battery would totally work but they showed a supply failing which is new for these last few seasons. Ha.

    WMD Parkway – ha!

    “I feel like it’s a repeat of season 5.” – facts Kyle.

    I agree Brian if they’re going to set up the helicopter people we need to see them. I know they’re saving them for the movie in part but at this point either show the movie or show them in the show because this is annoying now which isn’t good. At least show Isabella! Kick her out of the CRM if you have to to get her talking but do something; they have all this stuff why wouldn’t you run there…are we to assume AL is leaving her buddies each week to fend for themselves while she’s safe with the girlfriend? This plot is not entertaining anymore because it hasn’t progressed in a year.

    The Walker ASPCA 😂😂😂!

    Strand’s welcome patio – ha.

    Bigger better wheelchair. 🙂

    “they’re walking in and out like it’s nothing (radiation)” – agreed Renee, this should have been the hardest season of all for the survivors given they nuked it all but it’s basically just a season like others essentially with colored filters.

    I’ll riot with you Brian. 🐶✊🏻

    “I’ll always be more upset over animals dying than people” – facts Megan!

    SO MUCH they wouldn’t let her go alone – great point Glenis!

    UGH…sounds like we’re going to lose Al. 😭

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