Rambo Carol

TWDTT 001 – No Sanctuary (S5E1)

No Sanctuary is the record breaking season 5 premiere that knocked our socks off! Terminus is finally revealed, and while we don’t actually see anyone eating people, it’s pretty clear that’s what’s cookin’ in this episode. Full of kills, thrills, and chills, this episode was a nonstop roller coaster of suspense and sensitivity.

This week we discuss all of the crazy intensity a fan could want to be crammed into 45 minutes of TV. We answer some burning questions like “What is going on with Tyreese?” and “Do we buy Eugene’s explanation?” We also discuss the awesomeness that is “Rambo Carol” in this episode as well as the poignant reunions and the special after credit scene.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 001 - No Sanctuary (S5E1)