Twice as Far

TWDTT 039 – Twice as Far (S6E14)

We may have come Twice as Far with this episode, but it feels like we were half as ready for what happened. Two beloved characters gone, one for good, and yes, we definitely need therapy after this next episode of The Walking Dead. Just make sure if you ever appear on a zombie apocalypse show that you never experience any character growth, or become the moral compass, or make plans for the future, because that’s the surest way to get killed off. How many more encounters with the Saviors will our gang have before it destroys them? Or before it destroys their spirits? Dr. Denise may have been awkward, but she was the best kind of awkward.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 039 - Twice as Far (S6E14)