Something They Need

TWDTT 062 – Something They Need (S7E15)

Something They Need is the penultimate episode of the seventh season and is the one where they finally go to Oceanside. It’s also the one where Sasha has to make a decision about her future. And it’s also the one where we get a character named Rapey Davey. But, this isn’t Friends, it’s The Walking Dead where the future is uncertain. Rick and the gang go to Oceanside and take all of their guns, but promise to bring them back. Will they be able to keep this promise? Sasha tells Negan that she will join him, but then tells Eugene that she doesn’t want to be used to hurt her friends and asks for his help. How will she get out of the situation she has created for herself?

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 062 - Something They Need (S7E15)