Sing Me a Song

TWDTT 053 – Sing Me a Song (S7E7)

Sing Me a Song is the title of the next episode of The Walking Dead, also known as season 7 episode 7, and the penultimate for this year. It is also another way that Negan shows his prickishness because he makes Carl, our little serial killer in training, do just that. While the seemingly budding bromance between Carl and Negan was the main focus of this episode, we also checked in with Rick and Aaron, Spencer and Father Gabriel, Rosita and Eugene, and Michonne. It seems that our characters are going off in all different directions, both literally and figuratively while they all try to cope with their new Savior situation. Michonne and Rosita are both hell bent on getting themselves killed…er, I mean going after Negan.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 053 - Sing Me a Song (S7E7)