Season 6 Episode 16

TWDTT 042 – Last Day on Earth (S6E16) Feedback

Wow! Our heads are exploding right now because our feedback episode for “Last Day on Earth” may have even been longer than the regular episode! We can’t believe how much you all respond to us, and we absolutely love it! I know we beg (okay, I beg) for audio feedback, but we just love hearing what you all have to say in your own voices. However you want to talk to us, though, we want to listen! Thanks for making this so much more fun for us! I hope you all enjoy what everyone says and the differing opinions. Join in our Facebook group for even more fun!

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TWDTT 041 – Last Day on Earth (S6E16)

Negan makes a big entrance… that we’ll have to wait for six months to see what happened!

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