Season 6 Episode 11

TWDTT 036 – Knots Untie (S6E11)

Jesus made the Knots Untie in this next episode of our favorite show, and took our gang to meet his, also known as Hilltop. Since the show has been feeling a little incomplete without a porch dick, son of porch dick, son of porch dick, or Nick dick we are introduced to Gregory, who slips into his new role as though he had been doing it his whole life. Which, let’s be honest, he probably had been. Xander Berkeley does a fantastic job of being instantly dislikeable. In his next role, I want him to play a loveable teddy bear. Just once. But for now, he’s the newest irritant on The Walking Dead.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 036 - Knots Untie (S6E11)