Go Getters

TWDTT 051 – Go Getters (S7E5)

What a difference a week makes! Go Getters, episode 5 of season 7 of The Walking Dead, was a welcome departure from the previous week, and we both liked it so much more than the one before. Brian had some weak sauce this week, but honestly, I was so happy to not see Negan again, I probably gave them a pass where I normally might not have. But that’s the way these things go sometimes. It was great to see Maggie again, and the path that she’s on with the Hilltop. Hopefully, Gregory will not be in charge for very long, although Xander Berkeley is quite divine. As Sonequa Martin-Green said on Talking Dead, Gregory cares more for his own safety than for the safety of others, and that is what makes him dangerous. How very right she is, and I think Jesus is starting to recognize this as well.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 051 - Go Getters (S7E5)