Easy Street

TWDTT 049 – The Cell (S7E3)

The third episode of season 7 takes us to the Sanctuary, as Negan’s home is called, and we learn a little bit more about Dwight. Meanwhile, the title of the episode, The Cell is where Daryl spends most of his time. Also, he’s naked. That’s right, Daryl was naked for part of this episode. So if you didn’t watch it, you missed out. Because it was sexy time. Okay, not really, it was a terrible kind of naked that wasn’t sexy at all, but rather, very, very sad. Daryl was brought to his lowest point in the series so far: no clothes and being fed dog food sandwiches. He even cried at the end, and our hearts broke as poor Daryl only had Dwight to comfort him. A masterful performance by Norman Reedus, this episode nevertheless left some of us wanting a little bit more.

This episode should have been called Easy Street, for the obvious reason.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 049 - The Cell (S7E3)