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TWDTT 034 – No Way Out (S6E9)

What an amazing episode to come back to after that break that seemed like it might last forever, especially with the issues that some of us had with the first half of season 6. But No Way Out just made it all better, they recaptured us with sweet words and explosions! Well, all better for some of us; for Sam and Jessie, not so much. Just like Rick did, we also fell in love with Jessie; and just like Alexandra Breckenridge, we are super bummed about Jessie’s fate, too. However, when it comes to Sam, responses vary wildly. I, for one, think he was a kid in a tough situation in which this outcome was probably inevitable. Major Dodson’s poor character just couldn’t catch a break. But after seeing him on The Talking Dead, he endeared himself even more, at least to this fan, making it that much harder to see him go.

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The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 034 - No Way Out (S6E9)