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TWDTT 088 – Who Are You Now? (S9E6)

The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 088 - Who Are You Now? (S9E6)

Talking Through Who Are You Now?

On this episode 88 of The Walking Dead Talk Through, Mark and I discuss The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 6, which is titled Who Are You Now? This was written by Eddie Guzelian, and directed by Larry Teng.


The rest of this blog post requires a SPOILER WARNING!!! If you haven’t watched this week’s episode, then you probably should stop now.

Did you notice changes in the credits?

I couldn’t help but notice Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have been removed from the credits, with Norman Reedus now appearing first in the credits for the first time, Danai Gurira second, Melissa McBride third and Alanna Masterson fourth. Also, Khary Payton has been moved to the main credits for the first time.

It’s six years later…

Speaking of the credits, there’s nothing specifically mentioned in the story about Maggie, but we know some things happened after the last episode. We can only assume that she’s not the person leading the Hilltop, but we cannot say who is, except that whoever is leading is a woman. I personally hope they fill in the gaps as far as where Maggie is and what happened to her in the next episode.

We see Michonne has a big scar on her back in the form of the letter X and might have been a branding scar, and we’d love a flashback to see what happened there. Various other people have new scars, hairstyles, and even personality changes. Gabriel and Rosita are a thing???

Eugene’s now a badass and grew out his hair??? We also see some of the Saviors are now living in Alexandria. Others are marauders, as Carol and Henry discover. Carol shows once again that if you underestimate her, you might get burned! Rimshot!!! Daryl is living alone… and seems lost. Michonne’s in Alexandria, but she’s also lost, and talking to Rick. It is really sad, and I started to cry… and stopped in my tracks when I realized he’s not dead or at least wasn’t dead when they thought he died six years before. That undermines the emotional underpinnings of the story, but not fatally. This was a great episode in what’s been the best season since Season 5 or 6.

Where… Are… They???

We see the walkers behaving in ways we’ve never seen before, including talking. Are they evolving, or is something else at hand? Well, we think this is not what it seems, but time will tell.

Ratings are about even from last week…

This week, TWD got a 2.02 in the 18-49, with 5.396 million, slightly down from the 2.07 last week, from 5.414 million. All things considered, that’s a decent result. Charts below.

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