The Walking Dead Talk Through

Hosted ByBrian Meloche & Kyle McAdams & Laurence Todd

The Walking Dead Talk Through is an episode by episode discussion about all of the TV shows and movies within The Walking Dead Universe, based on the hit shows by AMC. In each episode, we talk about the character arcs and their interactions with other characters, the plot, and action of the episode, and make predictions on what will happen. Our listeners are very important to us, and your feedback is an essential part of this podcast. Hosts Brian Meloche, Kyle McAdams, and Laurence Todd want to thank you for listening!

TWDTT 000 – Introduction, Review, and Preview

The Walking Dead Talk Through
The Walking Dead Talk Through
TWDTT 000 - Introduction, Review, and Preview

An Introduction to The Walking Dead Talk Through!

In this, the inaugural episode of The Walking Dead Talk Through, Brian and Ruthie give themselves an introduction and join the Golden Spiral Media podcasting family as they talk a little about themselves and what lead them to this podcast.

Both are HUGE fans of The Walking Dead and cannot wait to get started with this newest season. But before we do that, we review the past four seasons to see how our favorite survivors made it through this deadly new world, and talk about some key points in their stories that have shaped their character journeys.

We then look forward to Season 5 and discuss what we think will happen in Terminus and the rest of the season as well as make a few predictions. What we really want to know is, what happened to Beth? Tell us what you think is going on with Beth by leaving us some feedback for S5E1, titled No Sanctuary. Check out our new Facebook group!

If you have not yet seen it, take a look at the Season 5 trailer from Comic-Con 2014.

And finally, The Walking Dead already has a Season 6 renewal announcement and you can check that out here. See you next week!

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