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Star Trek Prodigy a RebingeIt Podcast is a recap and review of the animated series Prodigy from the RebingeIt podcasting team of James R and Kim V.  Each week James and Kim will bring the Star Trek fan perspective to this new and exciting series.  James is a big fan of graphic novels and animation and will be paying a lot of attention to the visuals.  Kim is a big fan of animation and most importantly, loves and adores Kathryn Janeway and Star Trek.  So please watch and enjoy this show along with us.  And get your kids to watch!  Share your opinions of the podcast and Star Trek Prodigy with the RebingeIt team at

STPR 011 – Let Sleeping Borg Lie (S1E12)

Star Trek Prodigy
Star Trek Prodigy - A Rebingeit Podcast
STPR 011 - Let Sleeping Borg Lie (S1E12)

RebingeIt Brings You: Star Trek Prodigy S1E12 Let Sleeping Borg Lie

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Episode 12: Let Sleeping Borg Lie. In this episode, our crew bumps into one of the scariest alien enemies in Trek history! Yep, time to deal with those crazy leather-clad drones flying around in a square space ship! Look out kids, it’s the Borg (no, they are not Swedish)!

Let Sleeping Borg Lie

This week we bump into a dormant Borg ship and rather than do the sensible thing and run away, we decide to pay it a visit! BAD DECISION! Not only do we nearly all get assimilated, but we also nearly hand over our newly discovered weapon the living construct! Hopefully if nothing else, we have learned an important lesson: ALWAYS LISTEN TO JANEWAY.

And also, don’t be a Borg.

Our Kid Correspondent

If you haven’t heard our 7-year old correspondent Maahi (from our previous episodes), then this is the time to tune in. She is here to give her thoughts on this episode and Trek in general!

What’s this rebinge thing?

Normally it’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about….but now we’re bringing you something new! Prodigy is our first dive into podcasting new Trek. Come along for the ride!

Next time…

Come back next week for S1E13: All the World’s a Stage. You can also check out the previous episode S1E11 Asylum!

And since this episode has a whole lot of Borg, you might be interested in a podcast we did recently covering Star Trek: First Contact! It’s fun! We’re fun people.

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