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Star Trek Prodigy a RebingeIt Podcast is a recap and review of the animated series Prodigy from the RebingeIt podcasting team of James R and Kim V.  Each week James and Kim will bring the Star Trek fan perspective to this new and exciting series.  James is a big fan of graphic novels and animation and will be paying a lot of attention to the visuals.  Kim is a big fan of animation and most importantly, loves and adores Kathryn Janeway and Star Trek.  So please watch and enjoy this show along with us.  And get your kids to watch!  Share your opinions of the podcast and Star Trek Prodigy with the RebingeIt team at

STPR 005 – Kobayashi (S1E6)

Star Trek Prodigy - A Rebingeit Podcast
Star Trek Prodigy - A Rebingeit Podcast
STPR 005 - Kobayashi (S1E6)

RebingeIt Brings You: Star Trek Prodigy S1E5 Kobayashi

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Star Trek Prodigy Season 1 Episode 6: Kobayashi. This is an episode full of Trek lore and Easter eggs!! Well, not so much Easter eggs as just flat out references to previous characters and previous incarnations of Trek. It’s a must see for Trek fans!


Holo Crew in Kobayashi
Holo Crew in Kobayashi

We pick up the action this week right where we left off in the mid-season finale. The crew comes flying out of the protostar-induced warp with everyone screaming. They have managed to travel 4000 light years in a few seconds (or about 7 weeks if we’re watching our own calendars)! They’ve escaped the Diviner, so they’ve got more time to spend exploring the new ship. Dal ends up running the Kobayashi Maru simulation with some well known characters as his bridge crew – this is maybe the coolest part of the episode.

Meanwhile, Gwyn, Janeway and Zero are digging into the encrypted memory banks of the computer. Turns out the ship is hiding some interesting info from everyone (including Janeway)!

Our Kid Correspondent

If you haven’t heard our 6-year old correspondent Maahi (from our previous episodes), then this is the time to tune in. She always tells us what she thinks about the episode and what (if anything) she’s learned from it!

What’s this rebinge thing?

Normally it’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about….but now we’re bringing you something new! Prodigy is our first dive into podcasting new Trek. Come along for the ride!

Next time…

Come back next week for S1E7: First Con-Tact. In the meantime, catch up on all of our previous episodes like S1E5 Terror Firma!

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