STPC 004 – Picard Pre-Season 1 Roundtable

Brian and Ruthie are joined by Dr. Trek, Larry Nemecek from The Trek Files podcast on the Roddenberry Podcast Network,, and Trekland Tuesdays Live on Facebook, Mark Kirkman of The Walking Dead Talk Through, Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, and the Panels to Pixels Podcast, and Patrons Fred Petrij (AKA Fred from The Netherlands), James Robbins (James the Augmented Sailor), and Laurence Todd (LT from NC) as we discuss a topic submitted as a Patreon perk by LT: What makes Picard such a compelling character? After going a couple of rounds around the roundtable on that topic, we give our thoughts about this show just a few days before it debuts! We give our impressions, hopes, and fears for what is the biggest event in Star Trek fandom since Discovery premiered!