Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through

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STLDP 013 – We’ll Always Have Tom Paris (S2E3)

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Talk Through
Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through
STLDP 013 - We'll Always Have Tom Paris (S2E3)

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 2 Episode 3 – We’ll Always Have Tom Paris

We’re back! Brian and Kyle talk through Star Trek: Lower Decks S2E3, titled We’ll Always Have Tom Paris. Tendi takes Mariner on a mission, Rutherford is haunted by a mystery, and Boimler’s having security issues. And, oh yeah, Tom Paris shows up on the ship! However, not long enough for our tastes.

Another Mary Lou Voicemail…

If you listened last week, you know we got a very special voicemail from Mary Lou. This week, she left another voicemail for us!


00:00:00 STLDP 013 – We’ll Always Have Tom Paris (S2E3)
00:00:17 Intro
00:06:22 About We’ll Always Have Tom Paris
00:08:02 Ratings
00:09:14 Yeses
00:23:01 Nos
00:29:55 Not Good Enough
00:38:17 Open Hailing Frequencies (Listener Feedback)
00:51:13 Our Notes
00:53:09 Spot the References
01:04:51 Open Hailing Frequencies (News)
01:13:16 Wrap Up

Next week…

For our next episode, we will be covering S2E4, titled Mugato, Gumato. Get in your feedback by Friday, September 3, 2021, at 7 PM Eastern/6 PM Central.

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