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STLDP 011 – Strange Energies (S2E1)

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Talk Through
Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through
STLDP 011 - Strange Energies (S2E1)

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 2 Episode 1 – Strange Energies

We’re back! Brian, Kyle, and LT are here to talk through the Season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Lower Decks, titled Strange Energies. This episode was written by creator, executive producer, and showrunner Mike McMahan and directed by Jason Zurek.


If you haven’t seen the season premiere of Lower Decks, stop right now!!! Go watch it, then come back!!! We’ll be here for you!

Mariner and Freeman – Mom and daughter working together…

It seems like neither of them like the new situation. The episode starts with a big holodeck adventure, which comes to a sudden stop because of the Andorian “Jennifer”. It quickly turns into Ransom turns into Gary Mitchell meets Apollo. It was an enjoyable, funny episode, although maybe not quite as good as the last three or four from last season.

Spot the References…

Like Season 1, there were a lot of references this week. We used this Den of Geek article to help find them, although we did find a lot of them on our own. Among them: Gary Mitchell, the Cardassians, the Chain of Command two-parter, a Miranda-class starship just like the USS Reliant, and a whole bunch of other things, too.


00:00:00 Intro
00:03:34 About Strange Energies
00:05:21 Ratings
00:07:37 Yeses
00:21:10 Nos
00:34:25 Not Good Enough
00:41:24 Hailing Frequencies (Feedback Section)
00:49:40 Our Notes
00:57:28 Spot the References
01:03:41 Shipwide Announcements
01:30:32 Wrap Up

Next week…

For our next episode, we will be covering S2E2, titled Keyshon, His Eyes Open. Get in your feedback by Friday, August 20, 2021, at 7 PM Eastern/6 PM Central.

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