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STLDP 006 – Terminal Provocations (S1E6)

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Talk Through
Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through
STLDP 006 - Terminal Provocations (S1E6)

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 1 Episode 6 – Terminal Provocations

We’re back with the sixth episode of Lower Decks, titled Terminal Provocations. This episode was written by Executive Story Editor John Cochran and directed by Bob Suarez, who also directed S1E3 Temporal Edict.

Ensign Fletcher – Not your exemplary Starfleet Officer

This episode, we get to see another Ensign on Lower Decks, namely one Ensign Fletcher, who seems to be a bit of a diplomat, but his other skills seem a tad lacking. The longer he went on in the episode, the more annoying he got. He was SO NOT Starfleet.

One nice thing that he brought to the episode was that Mariner and Boimler got to work together on the same side, and they actually worked really well together. Rather than blaming Fletcher for everything, they gave him the credit for everything, which got him promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to Boimler’s dream assignment aboard the USS Titan, Captain William T. Riker’s ship after the events that occurred in Star Trek: Nemesis that occurred in 2379, the previous year, only to get fired six days later.

Nice casting of JG Hertzler in this episode

I thought the casting of JG Hertzler as the Drookmani captain was particularly brilliant in this episode, including drawing the character with an eyepatch, much like his more famous character General/Chancellor Martok from Deep Space Nine. He always puts on a good performance.

It’s Microsoft Clippy! I mean Badgey!

Most of the listeners, including Kyle and me, were taken by Clippy, which easily reminded us of the Microsoft Office Assistant, commonly known as Clippy. I was wrong in the episode that it came out with Windows 95. In fact, Clippy was introduced with Microsoft Office in 1997. It was universally hated by users. Tendi & Rutherford used his new holodeck training program that was not quite ready for use in your typical holodeck adventure gone awry that was part Elementary, Dear Data, part The Big Goodbye, and part Fistful of Datas. I enjoyed this part of the story.


00:00:00 STLDP 006 – Terminal Provocations (S1E6)
00:00:21 Intro
00:01:05 About Terminal Provocations
00:02:13 Ratings
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00:16:02 Not Good Enoughs
00:18:11 Listener Feedback
00:34:07 Spot the References
00:39:40 Our Notes
00:44:00 Shipwide Announcements
01:02:27 Wrap Up

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