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STLDP 005 – Cupid’s Errant Arrow (S1E5)

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Talk Through
Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through
STLDP 005 - Cupid's Errant Arrow (S1E5)

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 1 Episode 5 – Cupid’s Errant Arrow

We’re back with the fifth episode of Lower Decks, titled Cupid’s Errant Arrow. This episode was written by Ben Joseph and directed by Kim Arndt. In this one, the crew of the USS Cerritos teams up with the USS Vancouver to manage controlled demolition of an unstable moon of Mixtus III, but the natives are restless and can’t agree on the getting it done.

Bradward’s got a girlfriend!

This episode, we get to see more of the Mariner/Boimler dynamic. Boimler’s got a hot girlfriend on the Vancouver, Lieutenant Barbara Brinson, and Mariner thinks something is wrong with her like she’s a shapeshifter, spy, or parasite. Mariner turns herself into a conspiracy theorist and it’s pretty funny, although maybe there were a little TOO many references to past shows, making this one my least favorite episode so far Boimler is definitely a dork.

Tendi & Rutherford competing to keep a T88, whatever that is, was probably my least favorite part of this episode. I guess the Lieutenant Commander’s antics I didn’t particularly like.

The mission was something straight out of a Star Trek episode, with the exception of the USS Vancouver. The Enterprise never seemed to need any help. This captain coveting the other’s deeds is a little surprising on this show. I’m not sure I like it, but it’s probably more realistic.


00:00:00 STLDP 005 – Cupid’s Errant Arrow (S1E5)
00:00:21 Intro
00:00:58 Feedback for Last Week’s Episode
00:08:23 About Cupid’s Errant Arrow
00:10:11 Ratings
00:11:37 Yeses
00:20:08 Nos
00:26:22 Not Good Enoughs
00:28:32 Feedback Section
00:51:22 Spot the References
00:56:48 Our Notes
01:01:56 Shipwide Announcements
01:08:03 Wrap Up

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