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The Star Trek Picard Talk Through is an in-depth, long-form, community-driven episode discussion of Star Trek: Picard, the new series shown on Paramount+ in the US, Australia, Latin America and parts of Europe, CTV Sci-Fi Channel & Crave TV in Canada and Amazon Prime everywhere else. We’re Brian Meloche, Ruthie Rink, and Laurence Todd; we're three long-time Star Trek fans, especially of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We cover the story, characters, and the show’s placement both within the Trek universe and the continuation of the life of legendary Federation Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Together with our listeners, we rate each episode, discuss the highs, lows, and share other thoughts. Thanks for listening!

STLDP 001 – Second Contact (S1E1)

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Talk Through
Star Trek Lower Decks Talk Through
STLDP 001 - Second Contact (S1E1)

Star Trek: Lower Decks – Season 1 Episode 1 – Second Contact

We’re back with a new podcast, sort of. Rather than start a new podcast feed, we are putting the Lower Decks episodes on both the Picard and Discovery feeds. That way, you won’t have to start subscribing to a new podcast feed. However, we are calling these episodes The Star Trek Lower Decks Podcast. For the first episode, we are covering Season 1, Episode 1, titled Second Contact.

About Lower Decks… Welcome Kyle!!!

You may remember from our episode covering the two animated Short Treks, Ruthie is not a fan of animation, so she’s sitting out the episodes that cover Star Trek: Lower Decks. Kyle McAdams, who’s been hosting Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through since Season 3, will be taking over co-hosting duties for Lower Decks. Kyle’s been a Star Trek fan We may need to occasionally bring on guests, especially near the end of the season and the beginning of Discovery.

Ruthie will return for Discovery Season 3!

Don’t worry! Ruthie is not leaving us. She’s just not into animated shows. She will be returning to The Star Trek Discovery Podcast for Season 3 Episode 1 when it airs October 15th. You may go through some Ruthie withdrawal until then, but it’s not that long to wait, though it might seem like it with Coronavirus still plaguing us.

Who did the music for Lower Decks? Orions in Starfleet? Mahan or McMahan?

I mentioned I’d probably put in the blog post who did the music and theme for Lower Decks. The answer is Chris Westlake. He also worked with Mike McMahan on Mike’s other show, Solar Opposites, which airs on Hulu. We did see an Orion in the 2009 Star Trek film at Starfleet Academy (I’m not sure if she was studying there or not), but that’s in the Kelvin Timeline. I neglected to mention that Orion women are supposed to put out very potent pheromones that males of many humanoid species are susceptible to, but Ensign Tendi didn’t seem to have this issue.

Speaking of Mike McMahan, I did something I don’t do too often. Every time I said his name in this episode, I pronounced it wrong. I believe it’s pronounced Mick-mah-hann. It also might be pronounced like Ed McMahon or Jim McMahon. I’ll confirm how to pronounce this name next week.


00:00:00 STLDP 001 – First Contact (S1E1)
00:00:21 Intro
00:04:16 About Second Contact
00:06:16 Spot the 47
00:06:53 Ratings
00:09:19 Yeses
00:20:55 Nos
00:32:55 Not Good Enoughs
00:34:29 Listener Feedback
01:01:00 Shipwide Announcements
01:06:39 Wrap Up

We will be recording a few days later next episode…

So, that’s it for this episode! For our next episode, we’ll be discussing the Season 1 Episode 2 of Star Trek: Lower Decks, titled Envoys. We have to make a scheduling change for next week, so you will benefit from an extra-long deadline for getting in your feedback. The deadline for S1E2 will be 7 PM Eastern/6 PM Central on Monday, August 16, 2020. Your feedback is SO important to us!!! We have already gotten in some feedback about this episode after we recorded, so feel free to send in your own feedback for this episode and we’ll cover it at the start of the podcast. And don’t forget to sign up for our Patreon to get access to our Patreon episodes.

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