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The Star Trek: Discovery Podcast is an in-depth discussion about Star Trek: Discovery, shown weekly on CBS All Access in the U.S., Space in Canada and Netflix everywhere else. We're Brian Meloche and Ruthie Rink, two long-time Star Trek fans, and each episode we analyze the story, characters, and the show’s placement in the Star Trek universe. Our listeners are very important to us, and your feedback is an essential part of this podcast. Thanks for listening!

STDP 030 – Saints of Imperfection (S2E5)

The Star Trek Discovery Podcast
Star Trek Discovery Podcast, featuring Picard, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds
STDP 030 - Saints of Imperfection (S2E5)

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 2, Episode 5: Saints of Imperfection

For episode 30 of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast, Ruthie is back and we discuss Season 2 Episode 5 of Star Trek: Discovery, which is titled, Saints of Imperfection. It was written by executive story editor Kirsten Beyer, who is said to be one of the creators of the new Picard series, and directed by David Barrett. He previously directed S1E7 Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad.

Fred’s Pics!

We have been blessed yet again with pics chosen by Fred from The Netherlands, including the cover image. We will show them throughout this blog post.

Discussion on Saints of Imperfection begins at 18:12…

We begin the podcast with feedback from previous episodes, and Ruthie’s take on last week’s episode, since she was out sick. Then, we finally get into this wonderful episode a little over 18 minutes in.

A very cool looking episode!

From the Section 31 tech to the partial spore jump, to the beauty of the mycelial network, this episode was beautiful. This show just keeps outdoing itself visually!

STDP 030 – Discovery’s Partial Jump

STDP 030 – Bridge In The Network

Another Tough One for Tilly…

Taken to the mycelial network to kill a monster, Tilly has yet another tough episode, but one that she comes through in the end with support from her friends. This may be the end of that connection with May, but I have a feeling that those two will meet again. One thing I said during recording was that I didn’t feel that the emotional connection between Tilly and May didn’t seem earned, but I have rethought that stance. I can see it now.

STDP 030 – Discovery In The Mycelial Network

The Return of Culber!

One of the worst kept secrets in Star Trek history, Culber has returned, although it is a new Culber, reconstituted in the mycelial network. How much of the old Culber is in this new Culber is hard to know, but if you think this is far fetched, remember Star Trek III: The Search for Spock! Is this anymore far fetched than if it was his katra?

STDP 030 - Culber In The Network
STDP 030 – Culber In The Network

Georgiou and Section 31!

We got another long glimpse at what the Section 31 series may be like in this episode. With Georgiou, Tyler, newcomer Leland and (possibly) Admiral Cornwell, who showed up near the end of the episode, we could definitely see those characters in that show. To me, it’s looking more and more interesting.

Sparks fly when the Discovery captures Spock’s shuttlecraft, only to find that Georgiou is piloting it. We think Pike may put two and two together about Georgiou if he knows where Lorca came from. There were some interesting scenes between Georgiou and Burnham and more interesting actions by the former Mirror Emperor that will keep us guessing. What are her true intentions? We’ll have to keep watching to find out!

STDP 030 – Georgiou Hands Up

STDP 030 – Georgiou and Burnham close talking

That’s it for Saints of Imperfection!

We’ll be back in a week with our next episode. As always, your feedback is essential to this podcast! We’ll be having a short feedback deadline most weeks this season, due to scheduling issues. We’ll cover more feedback from S2E5 Saints of Imperfection, so do not hesitate to send in your feedback if you miss the deadline. For Star Trek: Discovery S2E6, which is titled The Sounds of Thunder, the deadline to get in your feedback is Friday, February 22, 2019, at 6 PM Eastern/5 PM Central or 11 PM UTC. You can submit feedback via the GSM Feedback page, Facebook Group, Twitter, or call the GSM voicemail at (304) 837-2278 and leave us a message there. Make sure to mention you’re calling The Star Trek Discovery Podcast when you call. I’m also podcasting on The Walking Dead. Because of this, we have to get our episodes down to a more reasonable podcast length. To help with this, we’d like you to focus on a few key points from the episode, rather than discussing everything about the episode. If submitting a voicemail, please try to keep your calls to 3 minutes or less, with an absolute maximum of 5 minutes. We would like to get our episodes back down under 90 minutes! Please help with that!

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