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RBVOY 013 – Faces (S1E14)

Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
RBVOY 013 - Faces (S1E14)

Rebinging Star Trek Voyager: Faces

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Rebinge Star Trek Voyager S1E14: Faces. In this episode, we see a little more of Lt Durst as played by Brian Markinson (mostly his face). We met Durst in last week’s episode and we wondered how much more we’d see of him! Well…don’t get too attached!


Tom, B’Elanna and Durst are taken prisoner by the heavily unpleasant Vidiians who suffer from the phage. Remember those guys? While this alone seems bad enough, one of the scientifically inclined Vidiians has separated out the Klingon and human parts of B’Elanna and somehow turned her into two separate people! Now the crew on the outside sets out to save their missing friends while the crew on the inside just fights to survive.

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines. In each episode we discuss “Women in the Future” and “Janeway’s Leadership Corner” while over-analyzing everything.

Be sure to listen to our previous episode S1E13: Cathexis where the doctor declares Chakotay as brain dead and Harry is punched in the face.

Next time…

Join us next week for S1E15: Jetrel.

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