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RBVOY 010 – State of Flux (S1E11)

Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
RBVOY 010 - State of Flux (S1E11)

Rebinging Star Trek Voyager: State of Flux

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Rebinge Star Trek Voyager S1E11: State of Flux! In this episode, we have a run-in with some Kazan who are as sunburned and cranky as ever. Tuvok thinks someone has sold Federation secrets to the Kazan and he and Chakotay are on the case. Seska (as played by Martha Hackett) and Lt. Carey, of broken nose fame, (played by Josh Clark) are the primary suspects. Biggest shocker in this episode is Kim supports Neelix’s actions! WHAT?

State of Flux

The Voyager crew is foraging on a new planet in search of new food sources. A surprise appearance with a Kazan ship causes a hasty retreat – but some suspicious things happen on the planet with Seska and Lt. Carey. The two crew members were out of comms for a bit and when it’s later revealed that someone has sold Federation technology to the Kazan, an investigation ensues.

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines. In each episode we discuss “Women in the Future” and “Janeway’s Leadership Corner” while over-analyzing everything.

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2 comments on “RBVOY 010 – State of Flux (S1E11)

  1. Eyal says:

    Regarding the scene in engineering, when B’ellana said she can do the ‘whatever’ tomorrow, and Ganeway pushes “I wand it done today”, to which B’ellana replys that when she said tomorrow she ment tomorrow –
    In one of the later TOS movies (iirc Star Trek V), Scotty explains that his “secret” is that if something takes an hour to fix, he will claim it will take 3 times as long, i.e. 3 hour, then fix it in the actual time needed, i.e. 1 hour – iirc someone actually asks him “so you always multiply the time estimate by 3” to which Scotty replys “Of course! How else will I keep my reputation as a miracle worker”.
    I think the scene in Voyager plays off that scene with Scotty – Ganeway is ‘used to’ engineers pulling a “Scotty”, and tries to push B’ellana against it, to which B’ellana answer that “hey, I’m not pulling a Scotty on you – when I said ‘tomorrow’, that’s because it will take until ‘tomorrow’…”

    1. kimvoe says:

      Yeah, we discussed that off mic and it makes sense to link those things. But we ended up in a deeper conversation about management pushing when it’s unreasonable.

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