Rebinge Star Trek Voyager

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The Rebinge Star Trek Voyager Podcast is an in-depth look at each and every episode of Voyager (even the bad ones). Please rebinge this classic show along with us and thanks for listening! And please share your over-analysis with us at

RBVOY 000 – Introducing Rebinge Star Trek Voyager (S1E00)

Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
Rebinge Star Trek Voyager
RBVOY 000 - Introducing Rebinge Star Trek Voyager (S1E00)

Rebinging Star Trek Voyager: Introducing our new podcast

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Rebinge Star Trek Voyager where we will be discussing every episode of Star Trek Voyager one episode at a time! We are a couple of Star Trek geeks (nerds?) who love everything Trek. Having recently finished our Rebinge Star Trek: Deep Space Nine podcast, we decided (by popular demand) to move on to Voyager. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as we over-analyze every episode and spew our never-ending love for Captain Janeway as she tries to get her crew back home.

Rebinge Star Trek Voyager

In this brief trailer for our upcoming show we give you a little intro to who we are and what the heck we’re going to be doing in this podcast. Star Trek Prodigy really helped light that old Voyager flame for both of us. In fact, go check out our Prodigy podcast! The Janeway hologram and then the real Janeway (but animated) reminded us of our Janeway devotion. So now here we are digging into another show from the 90s about the future. Watch along with us! You know you want to.

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We will cover every episode, walking through the important scenes, analyzing characters and character arcs and debating whether or not we’re really in the future.

Next time…

Join us in January 2024 for S1E1: Caretaker.

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