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RBDS9 080 – Rejoined (S4E5)

Rebinge Deep Space Nine
Rebinge Deep Space Nine
RBDS9 080 - Rejoined (S4E5)

Rebinging Star Trek DS9: Rejoined

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to season 4, episode 5: Rejoined. We’ve got some Trill drama when former lives cross paths on the station. Susanna Thompson guest stars as Dr. Lenara Kahn the widow of Dax’s former host Torias. And because the Trill are kind of jerks, they shame anyone who connects with their past loves.


Sisko tries to avoid this entire problem by suggesting Dax tax a vacation before Dr. Lenara hits the station, but does she listen? No! And does he say “I told you so”? No! But he should have because this turns into a whole big drama where Dax falls back into love with someone she doesn’t really know. I guess that only makes sense in the land of Trill.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t point out the greatest thing in this episode: The costumes. Lenara looks amazing, it’s true, but everyone pales in comparison to the stunning new dress uniform that Kira sports. Where has this been my whole life!? Yes, I understand what this episode is about and how groundbreaking it is and blah blah blah…BUT LOOK AT KIRA’S OUTFIT!

Kira looking radiant. Costumes get an A+ in this episode.

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It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines.

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1 comment on “RBDS9 080 – Rejoined (S4E5)

  1. Aaron says:

    Some blog post comments…

    “But he should have because this turns into a whole big drama where Dax falls back into love with someone she doesn’t really know.” – I think Jadzia did fall for Lenora on her own; yes you can debate past lives and such and that’s the whole run with Trill never knowing how much is someone, but I think because she even says at a point it’s not about the past that Jadzia liked Lenora the person we saw and if she could have been with her she would have but because Lenora picked research over her Jadzia let her go.

    “Yes, I understand what this episode is about and how groundbreaking it is and blah blah blah…BUT LOOK AT KIRA’S OUTFIT!” – ha; to your credit she is very pretty in it. 🙂

    “Duet”, “The Wire”, and “Second Skin”…someone liked the Cardassian storylines or Kira or both I don’t fault you for either. Ha!

    On to the podcast…

    WHAT?! Did not know she was Moira Queen! No wonder she was so well acted. 🙂

    It definitely feels like the symbiote gets more into of the deal than the host!

    Julian only agreed I feel because he thought it would win him points with Jadzia; if he really knew what was up he would have said “no”.

    The annoyance I have with the whole “past lives can’t interact” thing is they blow that all up with Ezra Dax; Ezra represented the 3rd life Ben interacts with Curzon in a way so how can the symbiote learn anything new if it’s with the same person three times?! It’s the second life Dax has with the DS9 group in general and the second time they hook up with Worf who is a former (sadly; sad because I don’t like Worf on the series and feel he and Jadzia never should have gotten married because all they did was fight honestly and not in any way fun to them) spouse; true they don’t end up together but the fact is Dax came back and spent years with the same people again so all that does is make this episode feel even more like the “very special episode of the week”. Instead of setting up cannon lore it’s like a one off and that’s a shame because Jadzia had way more chemistry with Lenora than she did anyone and it makes all the lore you’ve built in the series so far seem inconsequential because it’s basically whatever the plot wants not what’s actually established cannon. If they went by cannon Ezra should have helped Sisko out of the desert and then left saying because she’s had a wonderful time with them but by Trill law she can’t stay – by saying “she” she references Jadzia and the other hosts but also stays true to established cannon; by staying with them that just spits in the face of what’s set up in this episode.

    I wish Lenora had come back because she was good just as a character by herself but you add in the Jadzia stuff and they just become mesmerizing to watch! Trill law is bunk and they should have been together! Viva Lenora/Jadzia!

    Dax crying at the end was so sad. Her saying she loved her was good. It was an emotionally good episode!

    I don’t think the brother was joined; just because you have two names doesn’t mean you’re joined does it? What was Jadzia’s name before she was joined to Dax? Do Trill only do one name until you’re joined? There’s so many questions about the Trill they never answer and it’s a shame because it could have given Jadzia more to do than just be the “hot one” or make a random science comment every third episode so you remember she’s the science officer! But no what do they do – put her with Worf and give all her content essentially to him. 🙁 Before Worf Jadzia was the Klingon reference for the crew. Before Worf Jadzia was happy in life. Before Worf Jadzia had screen time; Worf ruined so much being a full time member of this series in my opinion. The death of DS9 to me was the addition of Worf beyond guest character; he wasn’t needed in my opinion and there’s was never as good with him as it was without him again in my opinion.

    I think if Lenora had someone to continue her work beyond her she might have said “yes” to Jadzia; it was the fear of her dying and her work just ending that was harder to give up and so in the end she picked work over love. There’s probably a million Trill in science in some way so anything Dax does will carry on especially with the Federation connection, but she just had herself as this prototype stuff. Again I wish they would have been together but yeah I think Lenora picked work over love out of fear because in this one bit she loved work just a little more…if she was older and had an apprentice it might have been different. The brother doesn’t count because I feel if Lenora stopped he would too so he’s not as into it as her therefore she doesn’t trust him to carry things on if she left. THE FEDERATION WOULD HAVE CONTINUED IT FOR YOU GIRL, YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED!!! 💔

    It didn’t NEED to end. 🙂

    I appreciated Jadzia saying “I’m not Curzon!” because if she had said nothing then it would have played more as just past lives but because she says she’s Jadzia I think it does take it to the level of where they really meant to be which is this woman loves this other woman and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    This would definitely get a thumbs up from me; that said it does again feel like a “very special episode” rather than something in continuity because they never mention Lenora or her groundbreaking research again and again every rule for the Trill set up here is broken with Ezra in the later seasons.

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