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The Rebinge Star Trek DS9 Podcast is an in-depth recap of each and every episode of Deep Space Nine. Star Trek fans James and Kim dive into every detail of every episode bringing their different perspectives to the conversation. James is a long-time DS9 fanboy with a deep love of Sisko, Kira, and Miles. Kim is a TNG devotee and long-time DS9 skeptic who never quite made it all the way to the end of DS9...until now. We will over-analyze everything, talk about the place of DS9 in the Star Trek Universe and do a lot of laughing along the way. Please rebinge this classic show along with us and thanks for listening! And please share your over-analysis with us at

RBDS9 040 – The Maquis, Part 1 (S2E20)

Rebinge Deep Space Nine
Rebinge Deep Space Nine
RBDS9 040 - The Maquis, Part 1 (S2E20)

Rebinging Star Trek DS9: The Maquis, Part 1

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Season 2 episode 20: The Maquis, Part 1. In this episode we have a special guest star! Attiba Royster, local artist (local to us) and big Deep Space Nine fan, drops by the podcast! He’s here to discuss the two-episode arc introducing The Maquis. In Part 1, we meet Cal Hudson (played by Bernie Casey), an old friend of Sisko’s who appears a bit disillusioned with the Cardassian treaty and not loving his new job in the DMZ. We learn some really important things in this episode – like opposites do not attract and there is not a thin line between love and hate (at least that’s what Kim tells us, so it must be true).

The Maquis

This episode starts with somebody blowing up a Cardassian ship and ends with a kidnapping of Gul Dukat (honestly, they can keep him). But mostly the episode is full of a lot of shenanigans in the demilitarized zone which makes nobody happy. The Cardassians aren’t happy to have Federation citizens in their territory and the Federation citizens aren’t happy that they’re getting slowly picked off one by one. Sisko’s friend Cal isn’t happy with his new crappy job and Sisko isn’t happy that he has to spend more time with Gul Dukat. So overall, this treaty is not going well.

Attiba Royster

You can learn more about our friend and podcast guest Attiba on his bio page. And if you want to get in touch with him about his art or anything else, his contact page is here. is his main website, but you can also see some of his horror-related work at Enjoy!

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines.

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We dive into Season 2 Episode 20 of DS9: The Maquis, Part 2.

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