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The Rebinge Star Trek DS9 Podcast is an in-depth recap of each and every episode of Deep Space Nine. Star Trek fans James and Kim dive into every detail of every episode bringing their different perspectives to the conversation. James is a long-time DS9 fanboy with a deep love of Sisko, Kira, and Miles. Kim is a TNG devotee and long-time DS9 skeptic who never quite made it all the way to the end of DS9...until now. We will over-analyze everything, talk about the place of DS9 in the Star Trek Universe and do a lot of laughing along the way. Please rebinge this classic show along with us and thanks for listening! And please share your over-analysis with us at

RBDS9 036 – Shadowplay (S2E16)

Rebinge Deep Space Nine
Rebinge Deep Space Nine
RBDS9 036 - Shadowplay (S2E16)

Rebinging Star Trek DS9: Shadowplay

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Season 2 episode 16: Shadowplay. In this episode Odo and Dax happen upon a little village of people wearing funny hats and white robes. Their sensors aren’t functioning as they try to figure out a mystery involving disappearing villagers. And we finally have some B-stories back at the station! We also have some familiar-faced guest stars in this episode in Kenneth Mars and Kenneth Toby.

In what shadows do we play?

Odo and Dax work together to solve the mystery of the week when they learn of the disappearing hat people. And we all know Odo loves a good mystery (especially when it involves finding people); and he also makes a new friend in a little girl who wonders about Odo’s parents. Back on the station, some smaller stories are happening. Kira hooks up with her old friend Vedek Bareil (maybe fulfilling that naked prophecy???) and loses her focus on the scheming Quark. And Sisko starts Jake on an apprenticeship with Miles where we learn of Jake’s ambivalence toward a career in Starfleet.

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines.

Please listen to season 1 and some of our favorite episodes like Duet and Dramatis Personae. Or you can also listen to the previous episode in the series: Paradise.

Next time…

We dive into Season 2 Episode 17 of DS9: Playing God.

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