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RBDS9 026 – Melora (S2E6)

Rebinge Deep Space Nine
Rebinge Deep Space Nine
RBDS9 026 - Melora (S2E6)

Rebinging Star Trek DS9: Melora

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Season 2 episode 6: Melora! Ensign Melora (Daphne Ashbrook) from a low-gravity planet arrives on the station and she needs some special accommodations to get around. Bashir takes an extreme interest in her and wants to help increase her mobility and he also wants to date her (because he’s Bashir). Meanwhile, Crazy Joe Davola is after Quark for some shady dealings from their past.


In this episode, Ensign Melora is a little touchy about being treated differently or as a medical problem. We talk about the disappointing stereotypes at play here, especially in the beginning of the episode. We also wonder why in the accommodations they made to improve accessibility, they failed to turn on the lights in the hallway outside of her quarters (I mean check the image below)! And finally, we cover the B-story of a dude out to kill Quark…though really he doesn’t try that hard.

Dark Hallway in Melora
Dark Hallway in Melora

What’s this rebinge thing?

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Please listen to season 1 and some of our favorite episodes like Dramatis Personae and Duet. Or you can also listen to our previous episode: Cardassians.

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We dive into Season 2 Episode 7 of DS9: Rules of Acquisition.

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1 comment on “RBDS9 026 – Melora (S2E6)

  1. Aaron says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see how you rule on this episode (thumbs up, down, or neutral) because I feel like “Move Along Home” this episode doesn’t always get the credit it deserves. Is it a great episode? No, but it’s not a horrible episode either in my opinion!

    “This is not a Bashir we know, we have never met this man!” – lol Kim.

    Agreed, who doesn’t want to kill Quark at times. Ha.

    Y’all bring up a lot of great points about ranking and how there should have been some different responses based on Ensign versus command positions.

    There’s baseball in the future – Cassidy’s brother is a pitcher for his team, that’s how Sisco got a hat from the team. Maybe it’s not played like it was “back in the day” and that’s what he misses or maybe it’s just because he hasn’t been to a game in forever that he talks the way he does but the sport itself still exists in the future. It may be a game just for fun versus entertainment like it is now but I always took it as baseball still exists it just wasn’t the end all be all it was before for people.

    Dax is meant to be really strong so it makes sense she could just lift Melora. Kira is pretty strong too but I think that’s just inner bad*ss strength that she has versus normal Bajorn strength. 🙂

    I laughed at Dax talking romance with Melora because I just laughed at the idea Dax thought she meant sex only because that’s where Dax’s mind can go. 🙂 Oh how they could have done more with her comedy wise and just in general!

    I like “Melora” because as you said she was interesting on the whole as a character and I really loved how great Julian was in this episode so while it is a really standard episode I will agree I do enjoy it each time it’s on. 🙂

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