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The Rebinge Star Trek DS9 Podcast is an in-depth recap of each and every episode of Deep Space Nine. Star Trek fans James and Kim dive into every detail of every episode bringing their different perspectives to the conversation. James is a long-time DS9 fanboy with a deep love of Sisko, Kira, and Miles. Kim is a TNG devotee and long-time DS9 skeptic who never quite made it all the way to the end of DS9...until now. We will over-analyze everything, talk about the place of DS9 in the Star Trek Universe and do a lot of laughing along the way. Please rebinge this classic show along with us and thanks for listening! And please share your over-analysis with us at

RBDS9 025 – Cardassians (S2E5)

Rebinge Deep Space Nine
Rebinge Deep Space Nine
RBDS9 025 - Cardassians (S2E5)

Rebinging Star Trek DS9: Cardassians

Hello Star Trek fans! Welcome to Season 2 episode 5: Cardassians! This episode focuses on war orphans left behind by the Cardassians when they withdrew from Bajor. Sisko finds himself in the middle of a custody battle that seems to have piqued the interest of Gul Dukat. Dukat seems overly concerned about the plight of a single orphan that he (supposedly) didn’t even know existed up until now. Lots of drama and also another recognizable guest star in Robert Mandan.

Cardassians: Garek, Dukat and Rugal…oh my…

An orphaned Cardassian “child” (and I use that term loosely as the actor was in his mid 20s, but playing a 13 year old) turns up at the station. Garek takes a particular interest in him and pays the price when the kid bites him. This sets off a string of events that involves several Dukat phone calls, Sisko in his PJs, some fun banter between Bashir and Garak, a quick trip to a Bajoran orphanage and a weighty custody hearing. Join us as we discuss the development of the Garak-Bashir relationship, the sliminess of Dukat and the purpleness of Sisko’s PJs.

What’s this rebinge thing?

It’s a re-watch of a thing you’ve already seen but love to watch and talk about. We go deep with every episode, walking you through every scene and analyzing all of the characters and story lines.

Please listen to season 1 and some of our favorite episodes like In the Hands of the Prophets and Duet. Or you can also listen to our previous episode (a really good one): The Siege.

Next time…

We dive into Season 2 Episode 6 of DS9: Melora.

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2 comments on “RBDS9 025 – Cardassians (S2E5)

  1. Aaron says:

    Are either of you shipping Bashir/Garek yet? I know they have their fans. 🙂 I could ship it if they had gone there. 🙂

    “Nothing is ever simple on Deep Space 9.” – which is great! 😀

    The laugh moment from James was funny. 🙂

    I LOVE Kako calling out Myles’s racism, “I don’t need to hear it again!” – such a good comeback! Kako is such an underrated character for this series I feel; I wish they would have done more with her because if ever there is a good guy on the series it’s her.

    “Humans are way better at killing millions of their own people than the Cardassians.” – ha, but accurate.

    1. kimvoe says:

      We cut at least half of the James laughing section…he laughed for a long time.

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