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FTWDTT 100 – Remember What They Took From You. (S8E1)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 100 - Remember What They Took From You. (S8E1)

Talking Through RWTTFU!

For this episode 100 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle and LT talk through Season 8 Episode 1 of Fear the Walking Dead titled Remember What They Took From You, written by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis. After going undercover at PADRE, Morgan and Madison find themselves back at odds trying to do what’s best for Mo while struggling to accept their new lives under the watchful eye of PADRE.

What the hell is happening?

What is really happening. can you tell me? Haha, well, I guess PADRE is happening with a teen Mo at the helm. So we got the anticipated time jump of seven years which puts the timeline with the main show, so I guess that is good. I doubt we will get any kind of crossover, but who knows if giving the time jump had anything to do with anything.

So we get the introduction to what the hell is happening with Mo, who is all grown up living under the umbrellas of the baby snatchers. She is being trained for something, and Maddison is locked up for some reason. In a super easy escape with Mo, Madison and Morgan are reunited, but things don’t seem to be friendly. And we hear that some of our characters are still alive and working for Padre, but Strand is MIA. So there is that. This episode was okay, but still, what the hell is happening, and at this point, is there any reason to care? I guess we will see as the season continues. So Enjoy, and Kyle and LT discuss Fear the Walking Dead, Season 8, Episode 1 – What the Hell is Happ…, no… Remember What They Took From You (for us, years of our lives watching this show, lol).


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:55 Episode Discussion
00:02:11 Ratings
00:03:51 Awesome Sauce
00:11:43 Weak Sauce
00:19:39 What Sauce
00:31:36 Sad Sauce
00:34:02 Feedback
00:38:47 Interact/Support to End

We decided to skip ratings until the mid-season finale.

We decided to hold off on ratings until we get to the mid-season finale and see how this pans out. So if you are interested in ratings of Fear, stay tuned.

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 100 – Remember What They Took From You. (S8E1)

  1. Kyle McAdams says:

    Aaron’s feedback that wouldn’t post for some reason so I put it on since we don’t cover all of it on the podcast. As always, Thanks, Aaron. Always love the feedback. -Kyle

    Happy 100 first of all! 🎉

    “what the hell is happening, and at this point, is there any reason to care?” – if this is the pacing they’re going to do where we end up each week where we essentially started and we still really don’t know much on Padre after 2 seasons of talking about it I would say it doesn’t matter. Just give us the final now and let us be done with it! There’s a small chance it could end up an okay season for where the show is at now, but with its limited run of episodes I lean towards it will mostly feel like a slog to the final episode which will be underwhelming for sure because how can it be as good as it was given the main cast is basically all dead…Daniel will maybe be in one episode or half of one (or what if horribly we never see him again?!), Strand is alive but probably won’t end the show that way unless they want a spin-off with him, and if Madison survives it will be a miracle and the only good end for her is to see her kids again but that good bit would be just part of the otherwise bad episode. Sorry I don’t have faith in the writers anymore; season 4B was rough to say the least and then season 7 was just a total waste of time so yeah my hopes for this ending in a satisfying way are basically zero.

    I wonder how many are going to wait to just binge the final season given the limited episode count and does binging it make it better than watching week to week? Those watching week to week are the real heroes here as they say because half way through this I was like “just show me how Madison ends this so I can stop caring about this product”. I’ll always enjoy season 3, season 1, the bits of season two which don’t feature Travis’s son who’s name I have happily forgotten along with him, and I actually liked season 6 with Virginia but all wasted potential to plots and Morgan screentime/stolen show lead element just killed the other half of the series for me to the point it’s very 50/50.

    “Remember What They Took From You (for us, years of our lives watching this show, lol).” – I submit also: our care for the show; we went from what could have been a loyal fan base who talked about how the show was under appreciated to people who were excited it was ending because we could move on from it if we hadn’t already. They just blew it all up and for what? I will never understand some of the choices made when it comes to this series; they had something good and just threw it away and seemed to work hard each year pushing it farther and farther from the original concept of family and specifically the Clarks.

    On to the podcast…

    45 minutes?! A short one for sure…maybe your shortest ever for the show? Then again it was a super pointless episode beyond showing that time had jumped so I get there’s not a lot to honestly discuss this week.

    Lol to LT with the Bill’s advertisement. 🤣

    To be fair LT, we wanted Madison back when Alicia was also there because that’s the family and you would have Madison-Strand too but they’ve brought her back with no one around her so there’s only so much Madison can do in the face of nothing to work with in scenes. Ha And we called for Dave Erickson back too so there’s that because we knew the writing was bad, Madison just makes it easier to sit though. Ha! Then again this is not the Madison we called for either – we meant fully functional Madison and this version they have taken everything from and literally handicapped her so it’s not like we full on got our wish. 🙂 Seriously she came back and is locked to one person in scenes…she has yet to interact with anyone she knows and because Morgan changes his kind every five minutes then she’s got to change her plan and yeah as Kyle said it’s all ratings is why she’s still around and good on Kim I say getting that paycheck after they did her dirty originally. They have to give her something to do and they really haven’t, but still she’s trying and again it makes the bad easier to watch some but she’s only one person and can only do so much. Ha As a waste of time as this episode was because we went nowhere in the end, everyone said their Awesome Sauce was Madison connected so clearly she makes the show better than not having her there. 🙂

    Maybe Bill’s was out of progression presses that week LT and it’s all they could get, ha. I’m surprised TIME is the only complaint and not also how you can only do one caliber so you all better have the same gun since those billets and case holders are sized for select rounds such as 30-06 versus 357 versus 45 caliber and so on. Also, how are they making the bullets for the press? I didn’t see a smelting buddy next to the presser.

    Here’s my Sauces…


    Madison Clark! Even though they’ve had to physically weaken her to keep her on these escort missions she was still the best part of the episode. Credit to the kid playing Mo she as she did good too overall, but it’s always been Madison to me first and foremost for the series. 🙂


    So many whats to this episode…

    1. It was basically a burnt episode as we end up right back where we were; instead of staying on Padre and learning about it and seeing Madison tell Mo about the outside and learn why she wants to kill things we get a giant circle plot just to bring in Morgan because mandated Morgan time (🤢) and yeah what was the point of this episode really? When they already have so few to work with this was just a giant waste of time I felt. Again we wasted how much time on Padre in the last two seasons and instead of building it after all that we get a circle episode with no progression at all honestly….such a waste of time.

    2. How did Madison get out of the basement zone, past any guards up top, and to a boat to escape with Mo without anyone chasing them? If Mo wanted to stay so bad on the island why didn’t she fight off Madison?! Sadly in this state I think Mo could take her.

    3. How did Madison and Morgan make it off the ship in the first place before the time jump?! She can barely move anymore! I know Golden Child has plot armor so you can literally shoot him point blank and leave him for days and he’s fine, but how is Madison taking out 12 people with a sledgehammer alone…she’s awesome don’t get me wrong but they also weakened her to prop up others so it’s making her seems unrealistic now.

    4. I see sadly Mo has inherited Morgan’s inconsistent ideas because what with the back and forth of scenes – one minute she wants to leave and the next she wants go back…she wanted to kill Madison but then is all “we have to save her”…girl I’m going to need you to get more of Grace in you because you are acting like the wrong parent! 

    5. Padre says kill Madison but yet they take her back? I know they have to keep Kim around so older fans might watch again but still what sense does it make? Are they going to experiment on her…there’s not a lot else they can do with her.


    Morgan Jones…the world’s most inconsistent ideals golden child. Seriously it killed this series when they let him lead when Alicia should have been the focus post Madison. I’ve said it before and I still stand by it – he is the worst thing to happen to the series.

    His inconsistent mentality this episode was just laughable; I can’t even with him, one minute he’s telling Mo she was better off on Padre and the next second he condemned Madison for taking others even though he just said people were safer there like shut up Morgan. And again you have him go through all this to get her off the boat only to literally minutes later it seems call them back to say come get her…what?! I do not understand this guy and why Gimple is so willing to die on his hill when there are so many more interesting options all around.

    Awe/Sad SAUCE

    Getting really serious for a moment: the Sad Sauce is very trigger warning so I will put a gap in case people want to skip reading it. Just know my remaining comments are basically Morgan killed the series and is ridiculous and I wouldn’t recommend watching the episode. Trigger Warning ahead for the topic of suicide.


    This is more of a Shocked Sauce but it doesn’t really fit with others so I’ll just have it for Sad Sauce…I am really surprised they got as graphic as they did with Madison’s suicide attempt; yes the show is on later, but still before 10pm and just in general you don’t see it going that far with the gun in the mouth and the trigger pulled…usually a character will just make a threat by placing it to their head but they went all the way here. And the fact there was no warning about how the episode contained images of suicide was really surprising! I really don’t know how they got that played by sensors.

    That said, this also fits for Sad Sauce because you can just see the desperation on Madison’s face when she makes the move and the sadness when it doesn’t work. It was a very emotional moment and one that made me sit up for a bit watching; the added fact of the weren’t saving her because they cared but because they wanted to use her more and so she has to endure…it was honestly a little hard to watch to say the least. There’s an ick factor too when you start thinking this is kind of a mimic of real life too with how they’re using Madison’s return for ratings only because they literally handicapped her so she can’t be her awesome full on self and all we want is old Madison and so her death would bring peace for a lot yet it’s being kept from us/the character; that said I do think they basically confirmed death is coming for Madison at the end of this because while I’d love to see her back in more stories and away from the issues of characters still on this show I can see now her dying to save Mo and my only hope is when she does we see Alicia and Nick there to welcome her to the afterlife because they owe her after all of this.

    It will officially kill FEAR in name, they killed the series in body and soul season 4B-now for sure but in name it would die with Madison also as it would resort to just another TWD episode basically given who’s heading it, as all the Clark’s will be gone, but yeah I don’t see how she goes into any of the spin-offs.

    It was all in character honestly, but I’m again shocked it got to screen in this version and I hope the lack of trigger warning didn’t upset any viewers with a history of destructive thoughts.

    RATING: 2 out of 10 – and both points are for Madison being awesome with the action bits again and telling Morgan off repeatedly; he’s lucky they handicapped her to protect him more else she’d take him out like she has everyone who screwed her over.

    Random Comments…

    They called this episode “Remember What They Took From You” and all I can think in the wake of this being the final season is ‘the show’, ha; again I will always stand firm on the stance that the addition of/change to Morgan Jones killed this series. Regardless of where you stand towards Madison Clark the fact is they also limited Alicia Clark who should have been the lead post Madison but because Gimple is obsessed with Morgan Alicia faded more and more into the background which meant more and more of FEAR faded with each season. The best episodes of each year post season 3 were often ones focusing on Alicia and/or Strand – because they were the heart of the series left from the start but yeah in the face of that Morgan still was the lead; had Alicia been given the screen time she deserved and Dave Erickson stayed I do wonder if the series would still be going or at the least have better final seasons than what we got…they’re still talking spin-off series so it can’t be the franchise is done thus cancel them all so yeah what they took to me is the show post season 3 for sure.

    I will admit this episode wasn’t as trash fire as I thought it would be but also I won’t recommend someone watch it if they missed it.

    Is Mo going to be the live action Clementine basically now where people have to escort her to a safer place all season? Is she going to a spin-off leading other kids based off what the dead adults taught her? This feels very TELLTALE video game inspired for her part and I can already say the video game did it better because this season is already whiffing out of the gate with choices.

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