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FTWDTT 098 – Amina (S7E15)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 098 - Amina (S7E15)

Talking Through Amina!

For this episode 98 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle and LT talk through Season 7 Episode 15 of Fear the Walking Dead titled Amina, written by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss and directed by Michael E. Satrazemis. Alicia turns back to save one more person trapped in the fallout.

What the hell is happening!

Hey, Survivors! So another what-the-hell-is-going-on episode that we had to sit through. It was Alicia’s goodbye episode, and the showrunners seemed to let it be vague on if she really did die or just walked the wasteland with her Ghost Child companion. So much of this season has been a mess, and now that we know Madison is returning without Alicia, there doesn’t seem to be much hope of a good story next season. And by the low ratings you listeners gave and our own, it’s not as fun or exciting to see what will happen next. We will still be here and hope you are too to cover Season 8, but for now, we march forward as we still have one more episode of this season.

So Enjoy as Kyle and LT discuss Fear the Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 15 – Amina

( Brian couldn’t join us, but he should be back for next week’s finale and will get his thoughts on this episode. I want to hear his take on it. )


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:56 Before Episode Discussion
00:04:24 Episode Discussion
00:04:43 Ratings
00:07:44 Awesome Sauce
00:20:29 Weak Sauce
00:36:51 What Sauce
00:54:00 Oh Hell No
01:06:21 Sad Sauce
01:09:58 Feedback
01:23:15 News, Ratings and Info
01:27:46 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were down quite a bit for Divine Providence.

Ratings for S7E15 Amina are down quite a bit this week! Amina got a 0.08 in the 18-49 demographic, with 598,000 thousand viewers, down from episode S7E14 Divine Providence, which got a 0.11 in the 18-49 demographic, with 658,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead will be back next week after the finale.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 098 – Amina (S7E15)

  1. Aaron says:

    Some blog post comments…

    The photo is week is Alycia waving bye to her friends but also inside super excited to be free of all this. Ha.

    I look for the ratings to fall even harder without Alicia there because some fans only came on for ADC; if they hadn’t confirmed she was gone they might have stayed to see her return but saying she’s done outside of some epic return in the series final to maybe work with Kim again has just assured even more ratings go. I don’t think they even care at this point given next season is suppose to be the last so maybe that’s why they agreed to let Alycia go now – it doesn’t matter if she stayed and they knew even if she did she’d be gone next so they were going to lose her at a point. It’s sad to see her go for sure and I wish I was able to walk away too but they brought back Madison so now I have to continue the suffer; at least it’s edited as I’ll only be watching for her. 🙂

    On the podcast…

    “I guess she picked it up on her last walkie-talkie battery run at the nearest Bill’s.” – lol!

    Strand was extremely out of character this episode beyond the end talking to Alicia!

    Not tying the boats together is how you thin the cast for next season, ha.

    “I would say so is Alicia” – at least Alicia has the decency to faint every 10 minutes LT, that’s how you know she’s sick; Charlie just got a bad sunburn the way they’re acting. Ha

    Again I’d rather almost they just killed off Alicia because short of Coleman and Kim asking her to come back for a reunion and we see them at the end of the series which they all helped start she’s not coming back and we aren’t getting Alicia-Madison time so leave it vague? It’s not like they cared about Alicia because if they did then she would be leading and stay on the show so it’s a mute point then. This is trying to keep her fans around “in case she comes back” but the news has said she’s not coming back so still it’s lost ratings for those who watched just for her – it’s annoying more than “we hope she comes back” or “yeah it’s sad she died”; the end two have some resolution to them and you can hate it but at least have some peace maybe…this is literally the visual verso of Kyle’s favorite line – “well I guess we’ll see!”.

    Giving Alicia time would take time from Morgan moaning about things and they don’t like that; I agree with you Kyle the season could have been better but I question if they even care about quality anymore at all so they’re just going to do what they want which is throw something up and call it a day story wise. The writing has been questionable ever since they avoided the dam and Dave Erickson left; this is not quite as bad as 4B but it is as boring as it I would say. Again I say – if they just let Alicia take Madison’s spot but did things her way versus embracing violence then the series would have been better post Kim leaving because we’d have emotional connections to Alicia V Strand instead of Alicia being out more than not to where when they do meet it feels like hallow dialogue instead of them in character.

    “Morgan is still around…he’s going to keep going” – 👎🏻.

    Acting has never been the issue with this series.

    “The Sad Sauce is for the viewers” – *pour one out for the viewers* 🍷.

    Facts Deeta!

    You know Glennis I’m fine with this being in Alicia’s head as she dies and she actually died on the tower because Strand couldn’t get to her because fire on the roof – it’s arguably better than what we got because at least then it’s a solid end for her. She gives one more message of hope to people and then dies…yes the building is on fire but just ignore that, the writers ignore logic so it’s only fair. I’ll even take the gun shot to the zombie is Alicia killing herself and they bypass the suicide on screen so she doesn’t become one because that makes more sense than what we actually visually saw!

    The podcast is the best part of the show! 🙂

    “Her schedule didn’t allow it” – lol she just didn’t want to be on, she’s that done with the series. Ha

    Alycia was guaranteed a spot at cons during her 100 run.

    There will be feedback next week…it might be all bad but it will happen. 🙂

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