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FTWDTT 086 – Cindy Hawkins (S7E3)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 086 - Cindy Hawkins (S7E3)

Talking Through Cindy Hawkins

For this episode 86 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Kyle, Brian, and LT talk through Season 7 Episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead, titled Cindy Hawkins, which was written by Nick Bernardone and Jacob Pinion directed by Ron Underwood. We also discuss The World Beyond Season 2 Episode 5, Quatervois.

June and John Sr are stuck with some ghost of Teddy’s past.

Everything seemed to be alright with John Sr and June stuck in Teddy’s bunker until some earthquakes hit and knocked down all the booze revealing some untold horrors. While this episode had some interesting dynamics between June and John but with masked intruders trying to get in from the outside, ghosts from John Sr’s past caused some tension if not downright horrible decision making that almost cost them their lives. And I would say that was more on John Sr than on June. But what do I know?

Things are resolved in the end and they are saved before those pesky Texas tremors demolished their safe haven and right into the hands of Strand. Morgan isn’t going to like that and well, we do see that in the end. The stand off awaits us all.

World Beyond is just being a bit all over the place and they only have so many episodes left. How this is going to pay off in the end we have no idea but it’s not looking very good.

So enjoy as we discuss the shaky, game of LIFE of Season 7 Episode 3 of Fear The Walking Dead.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:56 Before Episode Discussion
00:15:21 Episode Discussion
00:15:44 Ratings
00:18:11 Awesome Sauce
00:39:30 Weak Sauce
00:56:17 What Sauce
01:04:14 Sad Sauce
01:09:38 Feedback
01:39:02 World Beyond Feedback
02:09:39 News, Ratings and Info
02:11:37 Interact/Support to End

Ratings were down again for Fear and World Beyond!!!

Ratings for S7E3 Cindy Hawkins are down! Cindy Hawkins got a 0.18 in the 18-49 demographic, with 871,000 thousand viewers, down from the S7E2 Six Hours, which got a 0.22 in the 18-49 demographic and 955,000 thousand viewers. Talking Dead was not on and will most likely not be back until the finale. World Beyond S2E5 Quatervois got a 0.09 with 510,000 thousand viewers down from S2E4 with 0.14 and 688,000 viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 086 – Cindy Hawkins (S7E3)

  1. Aaron says:

    Given they’ve been so light on Alicia these last two seasons they need to make it up next season; even when they had access to her she was only in a part of the season instead of the lead as she should be. Maybe she’s not done but they could do better with her still I feel! Give Alicia the respect she deserves already series!

    Brian’s Canadian? He doesn’t say “a boot” for “about” like Canadians!

    “Awesome Sauce!” – I love when that sound clip plays every time. 😁

    They knew from last season when they jumped in the bunker to hide LT that it was a murder hole so yeah acting surprised this season just feels like the writers forgot they had already revealed this element and I didn’t like that.

    “I disagree.” “I disagree!” “I disagree with you too!” lol. Unnatural Texas fog. LOL! 😂 😂 😂 Another good one LT. 🙂

    Same Glenios, Dakota should have been ash!

    The reason I had the food count in Weak Sauce Brian is because no main character is struggling for resources, everyone is finding these well stocked hideouts and that’s just unrealistic to me.

    Is the saying you’re looking for “a drop in the bucket” LT?

    Strandmamdos ha! There has to be tunnels to get out or roof top zips until you’re over the wall of zombies.

    The show needs more Alicia Renee. 🙂

    I vote for Virginia’s twin Carolina! 🙂

    I’ll get you too LT, just give me time. Hahaha. Plenty of space on the CUT Morgan’s SCREENTIME and/or BEGONE Morgan! bench. 🙂

    Alicia only better take out Strand!

    “The kids show” – ha; *proceeds to skip that part*

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