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FTWDTT 081 – Mother (S6E14)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 081 - Mother (S6E14)

Talking Through Mother

We’re very late this time out AGAIN, but for this episode 81 of Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through, Brian and LT talk through Season 6 Episode 14 of Fear the Walking Dead, titled Mother, which was written by Channing Powell & Alex Delyle and directed by Janice Cooke.

I was just too soon!

We get a great scene in the cold open. We see Teddy on death row, just as the apocalypse is starting. A fellow death row inmate gets lethal injection, and then starts a zombie attack in the prison. Teddy just thinks he had the right idea all along. He was just too soon.

Old friends gone astray…

Teddy takes Alicia and new arrival Dakota on a road trip and they meet up with old friends from the stadium: Douglas, his wife Viv, and Cole. Do you remember Cole? He was a character who had a thing for Victor, but they never consumated the relationship. Unlike Alicia and the gang, Cole, Viv, and Doug became bad guys. You know, I hadn’t thought of it when we recorded, but, for a time, Alicia, Nick, Luciana, and Victor had turned to be the bad guys for a short while before they ran into John Dorie and Morgan.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:52 Feedback for Previous Episodes
00:04:10 About Mother
00:06:12 Ratings
00:10:30 Awesome Sauce
00:24:11 Weak Sauce
00:40:29 What Sauce
00:52:36 Sad Sauce
00:57:47 Listener Feedback
01:12:09 Our Notes
01:17:58 News, Ratings & Info
01:25:04 Wrap Up

We finally have ratings for last week, and this week’s ratings are lower…

We finally have the ratings are for S6E13 J.D. It got a 0.27 in the 18-49 demographic, with 1.091 million viewers, up from the previous episode’s 0.25 and 988,000 viewers. For S6E14 Mother, it got a 0.25 in the 18-49 demographic, with an all-time low of 940,000 viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 081 – Mother (S6E14)

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey, y’all caught up to the season again – yay! πŸ™‚

    I agree the acting for Teddy is good, it’s never the acting that’s the issue with this series. πŸ™‚

    It’s really not that surprising Teddy figured it out the first time as movies have been saying for years go for the head with zombies. πŸ™‚

    The location in which Teddy locked up Alicia looked almost like a little supply closet more than a room so I can see there being more rooms down the way where his people and himself go because yes there’s no one to rule over if that’s his want if she’s the only one alive, but each I think there’s more rooms he just put her on a supply closet and it’s someone’s job to feed her so she doesn’t die.

    The Teddy bears – lol LT! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Again he brings the comedy. πŸ™‚

    To be fair I totally forgot about Cole also until I remembered him over half way into the episode.

    My What Sauce is as follows…

    Someone please remind me, how did the sub wash up again? Would it not sink once it stop having power due to the weight? I could get it if it was in an area which dried out over time because it hit a sandbar or something since the crew became zombies but to wash up when they’re meant to be ocean vehicles feels plot for plot so they can introduce a nuclear option later. Was this meant to be a sub which was anchored somewhere? Still how did it just wash up?

    End of What Sauce

    I’d love to see more Alicia too Brian – too bad they’re more into Morgan. ☹️ She is definitely underused LT!!!

    Alicia the money. 😁

    “We have nothing that causes someone to eat flesh in reality.” – actually wasn’t that bath bombs Brian? Ha!

    Ooh so concept pitch, Virginia is the “bad guy” for this season and you go all the way until the last two episodes thinking she’s evil but in the second to last at the end there’s something that sets up she may not be the big big bad if you will and so for the finale you have it being them versus Ginny to where either see dies saying “It wasn’t you” to the group (because again assume she thinks they’re part of Teddy’s group until proven certain ones are or she thinks she’s turned them against him) and some yells “What do you mean? Who do you think we were?” because they fear someone worse than her is coming OR they get Ginny to work with them and the end is her under interrogation saying what she knows about Teddy’s group and saying how they think she’s bad but they have no idea about who’s to come. You could then start the next season revealing things about Teddy, you could even start the season with a flashback to his jail time, and see Ginny and the squad working together before Ginny either dies fighting Teddy or helps them beat Teddy; you could reveal then John’s dad being alive and is he willing to work with someone who wanted his kid dead to stop someone bigger or not. This gives more time to both Ginny and Teddy and maybe from there Virginia becomes their Negan (butting heads with Morgan or Alicia – hopefully her who’s back in charge as she always should have been leading post Madison, and maybe even sabotaging the way the group wants some things to go because she thinks she knows better) where you can’t trust her fully but she’s not exactly the worst person they’ve faced arguably or maybe she even is but they need her for awhile as she can use them so it’s this cat and mouse game to see who knocks off who before Ginny is defeated or disappears for awhile before seasons down the road being revealed as the leader of a group the team has to take down again. Sure it’s a lot of use of Ginny but the main show is into using Negan as much as they can before they have to kill him off so why can’t we have that person? No Strand doesn’t count – he’s manipulative and selfish yes but he cares too much about Alicia and some others to say he’s their Negan if you will, but maybe that’s just me. It’s just an idea! πŸ™‚

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