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FTWDTT 060 – Channel 4 (S5E9)

Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through
FTWDTT 060 - Channel 4 (S5E9)

Talking Through Channel 4

Channel 4, Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 9, was an episode that was probably in the making since What’s Your Story. In that episode, we first see Al’s desire to interview people to get their stories. It was a long time coming to shoot an episode in this style, which is a first for The Walking Dead franchise.

A lot of people didn’t like this one, but some did

I happen to be one of those people. Hopefully, I was able to convince Kyle and Mark that it was better than they originally thought.

How this was told

You have to remember that this was told not from the viewer’s perspective, but to whoever would watch the videotape. In this case, Wes. It may seem cheesy, but it was told to that viewer, not us. We were simply watching over Wes’ shoulder. It even had VCR glitches at the start and end of the episode.

Our new home!

This is the first episode that we are publishing in our new home at Talk Through Media. Hopefully, if you are reading this, either you found us from your podcast client of choice automatically, or you came to and were redirected here.

Send in your feedback!

We got a TON of feedback this week. Keep it comin’! Please leave your feedback for Fear the Walking Dead, Season 5 Episode 10, titled 210 Words Per Minute, by 6 PM Eastern/5 PM Central on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. One of the best ways to submit feedback is on our Facebook group.

Ratings were down

Channel 4 got a 0.38 in the 18-49 demographic, with 1.402 million viewers, down from the mid-season finale‘s 0.48 and 1.599 million viewers.

Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Ratings (18-49)
Fear the Walking Dead Live + Same Day Total Viewers

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1 comment on “FTWDTT 060 – Channel 4 (S5E9)

  1. Aaron says:

    I’m fine with editing for time! πŸ™‚

    I’m a sucker for Al so I’d say “Weak” gives this competition to me, but on the whole I think my top 3 post Madison episodes would be…

    1. Channel 4
    2. Weak
    3. The End Of Everything

    I give the current top spot to “Channel 4” because I do love that camera filter, oh it was so nice to not to see muted colors in this world! Also it felt the most like old Fear and “Weak” is a character centric piece so by a small degree the current top spot goes to “Channel 4” I’d say.

    I love Daniel – “That is not music!”.

    Sadly Mark it seems they’ve forgotten Luciana can do more than just stand around; this is why I worry about her as one of the next to go because they aren’t using her skill set that was set up previously, a scout is just as useful as fighters yet what is she doing – sitting in the back. I know she’s injured and honestly that would have been a better reason to say why she had to stay back but still she’s not incapable of doing anything, as we saw she handed John ammo so why couldn’t she make noise on another side of the house to lure them that way instead of just waiting to be told what to do next as it were?

    My what sauce is where did Al get the extra cameras, tapes, and batteries to pull off this documentary? As far as we’ve seen she’s only had one camera and the battery pack of eternal life with a few tapes so where did the new stuff come from? Also is this Luciana’s new job now – associate producer? If she can hold a camera she can hold binoculars and a gun; remember scout Luciana writers!

    “Alicia is Morgan’s padawan” – NNNOOO!

    I agree with Kyle, I don’t know how much Alicia believes in what she is saying; I do wonder how much almost dying in her mind from the radiated zombie splash is effecting her, like had she not been splashed would she be freaking out like this? Alicia pre season four was one who would do what it took to protect her family but would rather avoid zombies if she could help it so I can’t say for me this is a totally shocking twist; again I think almost dying in her mind has freaked her out (we don’t know what was going on in her head after all between the kid rescue and running into Grace for that shower) so she wants to find some calm and peace again and she thinks finding the tree creator can do that for her. I’m with Brian, I can’t see this lasting because it does put her in danger but I can see her being slow to kill right now for dramatic moments because she’s kind of refocusing if you will; I know some may say she’s the last Clark so what does she have to lose in that regard but just because she’s the last Clark it doesn’t mean she has a death wish.

    Here’s another what sauce moment – where’s Al’s editing platform? Does she have a computer of undying battery too because otherwise those tapes would have to have markers on them saying “Part 1; at 5:21 insert part 6” and no one is going to do that for their message so how did she edit that thing and how is she going to make copies to leave other places?!

    “Why did they go there?” – cool shot Brian and so you’ll be scared they could take out the good guys easily; as Logan said they have more bullets than they know what to do with! In reality however that makes no sense as you never know whats coming next so one shot to the tire and taking the gas and you’re good.

    YES team Bring Back Madison always!!! 😁 I actually think Kim would come back for the fans and some cast members, mainly Alycia and Colman, but yeah business wise the studio would have to pay up to get her after what went down with her exit because Gimple did her dirty! Sadly she probably won’t ever be back, but I’m still going to keep up the chant because while Gimple may have issues with her we all love her and she deserves to feel that love. πŸ™‚

    What I mean by episodes like this is first and foremost just have the group mingle more, instead of mainly Morgan/Grace stuff give me Grace and June since they both have a foot in medical situations. Give me Alicia and Dwight to see what that would be like; John and Strand went over well before so how about a repeat of that? Al and Daniel, Wendell and Luciana because who knows more about being handicapped from your previous skills than him, Sarah and Dwight – just mix it up like they had here so the group feels organic versus static like they have been because it’s been mainly Morgan-Alicia stuff this season or John/June. Again more filming where you can see things; I know this is a dirt filled world but when they wash clothes would it kill the series to show not muted colors? They don’t have to be bright highlighter gear straight off the shelf but something more than just washed out tones! Al got to help Morgan with the bomb because of her history which was great and we saw June check on Grace because of her medical training so lets see Alicia be a voice of logic again like she was in early seasons because she can be just as inspirational as they think Morgan is! For the love of respect towards her can we get Luciana doing at least 3 scout activities in 3 various episodes before you kill her off writers? Don’t let Luciana be remembered as just Nick’s girlfriend! Basically give me seasons 1-3 of this series but depressingly Madison isn’t there; have Morgan part of the group but stop pushing him as the leader of the group, he can talk majority of the time because I know Gimple thinks he’s an upgrade from Madison but don’t be scared to let silver tongued Strand have some scenes or Daniel or John or Alicia.

    Would I mind another “found tape” episode? Personally no, but I agree it doesn’t need to be in this season. Again what I mean by “like this episode” is just S1-3 but with this group where everyone gets to showcase skills and they have organic conflict at times but also bond and while one character seems the leader they don’t speak for everyone at times; you can do this by maybe Morgan says something to someone out in the field but when he gets back people let him have it because his choice wasn’t theirs. Hopefully that makes sense!

    Also sadly lets be real, if it was Madison doing the trees they wouldn’t look that pretty; she would have very direct messages telling people where to go and saying don’t make her kill you when you get there. Ha.

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