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Brian Meloche - Host of The Walking Dead Talk Through, The Star Trek Discovery Podcast, and The Star Trek Picard Cast.

Brian Meloche


Brian’s first sci-fi memory was being frightened by the Mugato from the original Star Trek episode “A Private Little War”. A year or two passed before he watched again, but once he did, he was hooked, and he’s loved sci-fi ever since. He once sold a story premise to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine but you won’t see his name on screen (though he did get paid for it a little). In recent years, he’s developed a penchant for the apocalypse. If there’s a TV show about the apocalypse, chances are Brian’s watched it (or will eventually), and that's how he first got hooked on The Walking Dead. However, above all others, Brian’s favorite is Star Trek: The Next Generation. Originally from Canada, Brian lives in suburban Tampa with his wife Julie, their dog Shorty who is more like a son than just a pet, and cats Loverboy and Tazz.

Kyle McAdams, co-host of Fear The Walking Dead Talk Through Podcast.

Kyle McAdams


Ruthie Rink, host of The Star Trek Discovery Podcast and The Star Trek Picard Cast.

Ruthie Rink


Like many other Talk Through Media hosts, Ruthie also has a passion for sci-fi and genre shows, books, and movies, especially if it takes place in the future. She is old enough to have actually seen Star Wars in the theater, although at the tender age of 1, she started fussing and mom had to take her out into the hall. This is probably where her lifelong love of almost all things geeky/nerdy started. And yes, you can love both Star Wars and Star Trek. She watches entirely too much TV than is really good for any one person, but every time she tries to cut back, some new and interesting show crops up. She grew up a few miles from the University of Oklahoma where she also attended college but has not stayed in one place all her life. She is still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up. She caught the podcasting bug with Brian podcasting about The Walking Dead, and now she podcasts about Star Trek. She will also silently correct your grammar.

Mark Kirkman - Host of The Walking Dead Talk Through and Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through.

Mark Kirkman


Mark has been a fan of Horror, Sci-Fi and Comic Books since the age of 10. A frequent Sci/Fi and Horror Con attendee. He loves Music and has went to school for Audio Engineering at the Institute of Audio research and is certified. His love of The Walking Dead came when the show first came out back in 2010. He has been watching the show ever since the start. Originally Born in Staten Island NY, he now resides in Dutchess County NY with his family. Mark made the leap to Podcasting in December of 2017 and is continuing it with his views on the Walking Dead Talk Through with Brian and Fear the Walking Dead Talk Through with Brian and Kyle.